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Focus 52: "Hope"

There was a photo here.

There was a prayer for hope.

I opted to remove it because I couldn’t write about it.

I opted not to write about because I couldn’t come up with the words for it.

All I could come up with was “hope.”  One word.

And in believing in that one word, my prayers were answered.

The story doesn’t need to get told.  24 hours worth of stress, heartache, prayer and pain can’t always be documented.  What can be documented is the relief, the release of anxiety and the overall inexplicable joy in knowing that this post was not necessary.  That it was not about to be the beginning of a long, ongoing saga that would have changed the path of my family for years to come.

Silence…and a grateful “thank you” to those who supported, believed and prayed, is all that is necessary.