In Memory of the Puppy Monster.

Has it really been four years since I wrote this post?

If I was to recall the list of tragic events that have occurred in all my time as a blogger, this would be at the head of the list, because it was the first of many blogger tragedies that would follow in the subsequent years. It was the first blow that our large group of bloggers had ever really taken collectively.  Since then, husband have passed away.  Bloggers have passed away.  More children of Bloggers have passed away.  More than I care to remember.  The most recent, this past February

I can clearly remember the day that I received the call from Avitable.  Dave’s son had passed away in a tragic pool accident.  Can we rally the troops?  Can we do something, any thing, to ease Dave’s pain? 

And we had nothing.  All we had was our love, our support and our broken hearts. 

But what we also had between the two of us, was a very large blog following, and a call to arms was made by Avitable.  He spearheaded a campaign to gather an outpouring of support from all over the web. We sent out emails to everyone we knew.  People donated time, creating photos, creating t-shirts, making donation sites, soliciting funds to help pay for any expenses Dave may incur trying to lay his beautiful son to rest.  Whatever.  It didn’t matter.  We just needed to do something, any thing, to try and stop his pain.

A band aid on a bullet wound.  That’s all it was.

Now, four years later, nothing has changed…and yet, everything has changed.  But the memories of that day in June will never leave me.  The way everyone rallied together, came together to lift our friend from the depths of despair.  We all mourned in our own way.  Some people chose to blog about personal losses.  Some, like myself, chose to keep their blog silent for a week in tribute to DJ.  But, the same group who was there four years ago are still there now.  And we still rally around every year to remember DJ and remind Dave that he is loved. 

Life takes us in a million different directions.  We have priorities that pull us away from our friends daily lives.  We have Facebook now, where we can make a quick appearance, “like” a status and feel that replaces actual interaction.  Blogging is a lost art.  Facebook has stolen so much of the intimacy and warmth from our relationships.  But, oddly enough, this same group still refers to themselves as “Bloggers” and when we say that, the list of usual suspects come to mind.  We were all there for Dawg then.  We are still here now.  The heartbreak of DJ leaving this world has never left many of us. 

Tonight, I am thinking of DJ, of Dawg…and the outpouring of love and support that carried all of us through a tragic time.  We may not all be close any longer.  Some have left for greener pastures.  Others have just left altogether…but the memories that bound us back then still bind us now.  I am grateful for having known DJ, if only through his fathers eyes.  His posts about his beautiful little boy used to make me laugh. The videos of DJ eating out of a bowl of cereal bigger than his head, eating from a spoon twice the size of his little mouth always made me chuckle out loud. 

And in those videos, every once in awhile, he would glance sideways, up at his Dad…the Big Dawg, as if to ask, “Am I doing good, Daddy?”  And the Dawg would look down upon him with a smile that said,  “You’re doing great, Puppy Monster.”

Now it is DJ who is smiling down.  And I bet he thinks Daddy is doing just great.  Still. 

RIP Puppy Monster.  Sleep well, Little Angel.

2 thoughts on “In Memory of the Puppy Monster.

  1. CP

    Yep. Four years. 2007. Just at the height of blogging, just as it was reaching its peak before the slow decline took place and everyone headed off to the instant gratification of Facebook by the end of that year.

    And I remember thinking that this is what it was all about. The love. Everyone utilized their blog pages to wear the Puppy Monster logo. Everyone rallied around Dawg and his family in an enormous show of love and support. Avitable did a phenomenal job of rallying everyone, reaching out to them with a very definite plan, a goal…and how we were going to meet it.

    In truth, I reached back to his post about Puppy’s death back in 2007 to take some hints from him on how to gather that same support and reach a monetary goal when I was campaigning to get Melia money when she lost Destiny. He was so meticulous with his updates, keeping everyone posted as to how much was being raised, how well everyone was doing and what still needed to be done. And following his lead, it helped me to get Melia what she needed in her time of crisis.

    I hate the fact that in the six short years of blogging, I have seen five of us lose children. Five of us. Two to accidental drowning deaths. One to a horrible car accident. One to SIDS and another to a failed open heart surgery. That’s nearly one precious child a year. It hurts me to the core. It really does. That any of us have suffered through this tragedy is horrific. Then, we started losing friends to cancer. Two friends lost their precious spouses. Horrible, acrimonious divorces happened. People lost jobs and homes. There was a tragic suicide.

    But then, I try to remember that things change. Babies were born in these past six years. (Your beautiful little girl being one of them!) One mommy who lost her precious son, gave birth to another one a year later. Love was discovered. Engagements took place. Marriages happened. Little 11 year olds a mere six years ago are now graduating high school this year…their lives pointing towards promising futures. I have lived long enough in the blogging community to witness my first LEGAL gay marriage.

    I try to focus on that. I try to remember that the scale tips both ways. See saws go up and down depending on the weight at either end…and tragedy is always balanced with inevitable joy.

    But I will never forget that day. Ever. It really changed my thought process about these “web relationships”. I thought we really never made too much of a difference in each others lives beyond the written support we give one another. But, that tragedy made me realize that we can reach beyond the monitor and really make a difference in each others lives.

    So, Puppy’s death is not in vain…it brought a community together in love. In his short 6 years on this earth, he managed to do something huge and that makes for a life with impact, a life not wasted. He was a beautiful little boy. He had the most gorgeous, light up the room smile with a mischievous spark in his eyes.

    And I know his daddy misses him dearly, every single day. 🙁


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