Focus 52: "The View From Here"

This is the view from here.

In my mirror.  I’m looking a little run down.  Tired, but happy.  Frankly, I have nothing spectacular to offer up this week because my heart is just not in it right now.  I’m just so tired.  I’ve been taking midterms, studying, writing term papers, finishing up homework.  Exhausted is not nearly an understatement.

But, I found time to offer up a weak, half assed smile to you guys, because you have been such a strong means of support for me.  I appreciate that.  I need the words every so often.

I also think I have realized that gray is SO not my color.  Washes me out, don’t you think?

Next week’s prompt is “Silly”.  I will be going away for the weekend with a girlfriend of mine that I haven’t seen in 13 years.  I imagine “silly” is going to take place quite often.  Incidentally, I will be in Washington, DC…so if you hear of any disturbances at the White House, look around for your favorite Jewish Princess.

I won’t be the one wearing gray.

4 thoughts on “Focus 52: "The View From Here"

  1. DianeMarie

    I really like this picture of you, it’s so candid & just “you”! I agree about the gray, not that you don’t look good in it, but you’re more of a reds or blues or wintery color kinda person. Something that says, “I’m here world!” See? I just described what you should be wearing!

  2. Arlene

    I realize I am a bit late here, but I think thats a really nice photo of you, and gray looks pretty good on you, at least on my screen .


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