Focus 52: "Close Up"

This is a close up of my mouth in a very unfamiliar position.


And, because of my closed up mouth…millions of women, like you, like me, are going to die.

Closed up mouths lead to the take over of closed up minds.  Closed up minds equal the doors of Planned Parenthood closing up as well.  

With the recent passing of a Senate bill in Congress that is now going to remove federal funding from Planned Parenthood, you will now start to see changes.  Changes that I personally have not seen since the 1970’s.  You will start reading about women, dying, because they could not get basic gynecological care due to lack of funds.

So what does a close up of a closed mouth have to do with this?

Complacency.  Because women did not speak up.   Because women did not protest this with outrage, with vehemence, with determination.  We, the fairer sex, have once again allowed suited men (and women) in Congress to enter our uterus and determine what our rights are.  Even though providing abortions is a small part of what Planned Parenthood does—and is isolated from federal funds within the organization’s structure, by law—the amendment passed 240-185.

Is this the beginning of the end of Roe v. Wade?  Are women in our lifetime about to be relegated back to the days of back alley abortions?  Will we once again read about women who fall prey to quacks with dirty folding tables and rusty scalpels performing our abortions, leaving us bleeding, mutilated and dying?

What Congress does not seem to realize is that abortions are only one EIGHTH of what Planned Parenthood actually does for women.  This organization also does pre-screenings for diseases such as cervical, breast and ovarian cancer for women who cannot otherwise afford to have these services done.  They provide testing for HIV, AIDS and various other sexually transmitted diseases.  They offer education and birth control for low income sectors of our society.    Let’s not forget that Planned Parenthood makes sure that the rate of unwanted pregnancies and teen pregnancies stays extremely low.  Without their services, it is estimated that there will be 1.9 million unwanted and preventable pregnancies each year.

1.9 MILLION.  You read that correctly.

In a society where we can scarcely afford to take care of the population that exists right now, can we actually afford to supplement an additional 1.9 million more babies coming into this world?  This has little to do with abortion, but much to do with lack of birth control for those who cannot afford the doctors visits to obtain birth control, let alone the monthly cost of purchasing it.

It is not hyperbole to say that women will die as a result of this bill. It’s the horrible truth. Women who are uninsured will avoid seeking annual exams, pre-cancerous lesions on the cervix will be missed and will develop into cancer, breast masses will not be detected early – some women will die.

In addition to this, more will have unplanned pregnancies. Abortion rates, ironically, will increase. Only these medical interventions will be peformed by those not likely to have proper credentials, equipment and who are seeking to prey on the weakest members of our society – the poor. 

Sound outrageous?  It is.  And if this makes you angry, you should be.  You need to be on the phone calling your senator, you need to be planning how you’ll support the person who runs against the incompetent moron in your district who voted for this reprehensible bill. This must be stopped. We cannot blindly allow women to step back into the dark ages of back alley abortions and black market adoptions. 

Are you part of the reason this bill passed?  Rip the tape from your lips, open your mouth and start yelling.  Yell for your daughters.  Yell for your granddaughters.  Yell the way women yelled back in the mid-seventies when they decided that they were no longer going to allow government to take away our basic fundamental rights of reproduction control.  Those women yelled to protect our future.  We should be yelling for the next generation of women and girls who may fall victim to this heinous crime. 

I’m yelling.  I’ve been yelling.

You should be too. 

8 thoughts on “Focus 52: "Close Up"

  1. mr_shiny

    Just a quick clarification — the bill passed the House and is en route to the Senate (where I hope it gets killed). It is crucial that we who support women taking control of their own health care decisions inform our senators that passing this bill puts lives in danger.

  2. Amy

    Please continue to stand up – please continue to yell – and yell loud. Not just for our generation, but for my daughter’s, my future granddaughter’s. We can not go back in time.

    Thank you for your post!

  3. CP

    mr_shiny – You are absolutely correct about it entering and passing in the House and not yet in the Senate. However, I fear due to the new regime that recently took over in this last election that it may pass through also. At that point, and correct me if I am wrong please…(as I am not very good with the logistics of how this works), I think the President can veto it. Is that correct? But, he is also for some reason, bending over backwards to please the Republican party…that I am honestly afraid he will not take a stand against them. This bill HAS to get squashed. It is imperative. We cannot go backwards on this. Thank you for the clarification!

    Jan – Stay in Canada. Never come here. Ever. This is what hell looks like. *sighs*

    Amy – I am yelling. I am letter writing. I am volunteering with the ACLU on their campaigns. I am a member of PP’s action committee. I am doing everything I can. But, I am only one voice, albeit a loud one. I need more voices. Strong voices. And we need them NOW. This can’t wait.


  4. alison

    I just have, have, have to say thank you for this. I’m pissed as hell and have been writing and yelling and making sure that my reps talk to their colleagues… Thank you.

  5. Absurdist

    Yes, Obama can veto it. Bills have to pass all three parts of the balance of power.

    Additionally, Obama can now line-item veto.

    So, it is possible that, should this bill pass the senate, and if there are multiple line items with respect to the same, he can veto parts of the bill.

    I am SO glad you wrote this. I am going to share it on FB and write to my friends in the US as well, since I am in Mexico and have little resources to access my senators.

    This is an awesome post!

  6. John B

    your highness!
    I always thought that things like Planned Parenthood, Medical Care, and related items were way too important to trust to the ham-handed incompetence of Government.

    Maybe Wayne LaPierre could turn his evangelistic zeal into an appeal for private support for PP.

    Seriously, If the government was removed from Planned Parenthood, it would result in a better and stronger organization.


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