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Celebrating Nicholas.

Let me start by saying how much I love my daughter, Samantha. She’s an amazing girl. She’s smart, cute, funny and embodies the personification of a loving human being. She’s a really good girl. I was very blessed with this child. She was the perfect pregnancy and then, the perfect child. We are close and with the birth of my grandaughter Sadie and the imminent birth of my grandson Liam in January, we have only become closer. Sharing motherhood is a bond between mother and daughter that cannot be described.

That said, let me tell you about Nicholas. He turned 14 yesterday, on Halloween. When Nick was born, he had massive heart and lung defects. He wasn’t expected to live let alone thrive the way he has. An open heart surgery later, after months of being on a heart monitor and sleep apnea machine, he has not only grown but has thrived, turning into a strapping young man who is healthy in every way.

Nick and I are abnormally close. I say abnormally because most mothers and sons do not talk about every aspect of their lives the way Nick and I do. We bond over music especially. We are both musicians. He plays the clarinet, guitar and drums. I am a classically trained pianist and oboe player. Music is our joy and we spend most of our time hanging out, listening to various artists. He has gotten me to appreciate Metallica and Slipknot. I have introduced him to classic rock such as Aerosmith and Pink Floyd.

We hang out all the time. Just…hang out. We find many of the same things to be “cool”. He has no problem introducing me to his friends and telling them how awesome I am. I let him hang out with me and my adult friends because the kid really knows how to have fun. We talk politics. He is a staunch Democrat and of course, being the liberal (leaning toward liberatarian) that I am, I appreciate his candor and knowledge.

Basically, he is the coolest kid I have ever known. He is a little mini-me. Most of all, we share the mutual love of tormenting his father, my ex husband. We don’t bash the man of course, because that would be wrong, but we both kind of agree that he isn’t as “cool” as we are. He tries…but it just doesn’t come together for him.

Nick got his first kiss ever at his school’s Halloween dance this past weekend. And, where most boys wouldn’t discuss it with their mothers, we talked about it in detail, right up to the moment where he and his little girlfriend, Kristi, counted down 3…2…1…KISS! It cracked me up and he enjoyed seeing me laugh about this awkward time for him.

At night, I go into his room, smooth back his mop of curls and kiss his forehead. When he’s asleep, he’s back to being my baby; the little one curled up in his crib with all the tubes and wires attached to him to make sure he gets through the night still breathing. We’ve gotten through everything from divorce to swine flu together. And when he is sleeping, I remember the days that the doctors told me not to be hopeful about his survival.

I couldn’t imagine my life without Nicholas in it. He’s the reason I spend most of my days laughing even when there is nothing much to smile about. He’s the sanity in my life and the reason, somedays, I have the strength to get out of bed and go on.

Happy birthday, Nicholas. Many, many more to come, for us to share…

Mommy loves you.

And yes, I know you read my blog, you little shit. Mind your own business.

Don’t you have some homework to do?