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When Mother Bears attack…

I am absolutely livid right now. If you read my earlier post, you will see that I am trying, VERY HARD, to reach a state of zen in my life. Yet, as life has it, that is not always possible. Things happen that pull me out of my happy place and make me have to get on the defensive. Nothing will do that more than the need to protect and defend my children.

Recently, my son was suspended from school. Mind you, he has NEVER been in trouble before. My son is a good kid for all intent and purpose. He is a class clown, certainly (he gets that from mom) and has definitely had his share of disciplining at the hands of his teachers, but never before has he done something like he did last week.

Apparently, one of his moronic friends made a Facebook page about hating a certain teacher and encouraging people to become “fans” of the page. My son got involved with the discussions about the aforementioned teacher and said some pretty heinous and vulgar things about this woman. While I was definitely taken aback by what he said…I also know that children say and do things around their friends that they would not normally say or do. They also tend to say and do these things on Facebook feeling like they have a protected outlet in which to speak their minds. A few kids printed out the page and showed it to the principal of the school. My son and a couple of other boys were suspended. Now, I don’t necessarily feel it is the school’s job to suspend my son for saying these things on Facebook any more than I feel it would be appropriate for me to get fired from a job for saying hateful things about my boss. However, they wanted to teach him a lesson…and I felt the punishment fit the crime. He missed “Grad Night”, a trip to Busch Gardens that all the kids moving up to the high school got to participate in. My son was hurt and saddened by that. It was a harsh thing to lose…but, you play, you pay. However, something took place at his school today that absolutely INCENSED me and prompted me to write the following letter to his principal:

Dear Mr. [Principal’s Name],

I am writing this letter to you to express my utter dismay and disgust at an incident that took place yesterday prior to football practice.

Apparently, my son was placed front and center in a semi-circle of his teammates and was allowed, by his coaches prompting, to be abused and ridiculed with regard to his recent suspension.

Now, I do know that sometimes stories are exaggerated, but it is my understanding that Coach O. (name omitted) asked the team if anyone had “anything to say” to Nicholas. In that little meeting, Nicholas was called “malicious” and “disgusting” by a young man named S. (name omitted). He was told that he “speaks without thinking first” by someone named N. (name omitted) and various other taunts were hurled in his direction throughout practice by other boys as well. All this while the coach looked on and dare I say, encouraged it by asking if anyone had anything to say.

Well, Sir…I have something to say. My husband and I were ASSURED by you that after this incident that led to Nick’s suspension, Wednesday would bring a “clean slate” and that everything would be just as it was before. To have these boys ridicule and hurl insults at my son for his mistake makes these children AND the Coach NO BETTER than my son for the terrible thing he said online. What kind of lesson is that to teach a young boy? He was already kept out of school and away from what would have been the greatest night of his eighth grade career. He was hurt and upset about it and believe me, full of remorse for his actions. He received several phone calls from “friends” during Grad Night…all taunting him with “hey man, you should see what you’re missing…ha ha ha!” Needless to say, he was forced to learn a very hard lesson. However, I think he has endured QUITE ENOUGH.

I have kept my mouth shut about some of the inappropriate things I hear Coach saying. I figure, alright…he’s just being a pal with a group of teenage boys. However, I now think he has taken this just a little too far. This is no better than hazing or bullying or for that matter, any better than the infraction that my son committed. He refused to come home yesterday after practice, excusing himself to the bathroom. I actually had to search the campus to find him at 7:45 pm. I called Coach O. in a panic because I had not heard from my son and it is not like him to not call me when he is done with practice. Nick told me that he excused himself to the bathroom after practice and was physically sick, vomiting from the embarrassment and the stress. He went to bed last night near tears and wanting to quit the team because they keep telling him he’s a “bad kid” and “no good”.

Nicholas is NOT a bad kid. He is a 14 year old child that made a stupid mistake. This was something that was very out of character for my son. It was a one time incident. He has NEVER spoken to an adult with disrespect or disdain before. I am NOT going to have him go to school everyday with the threat of being bullied and ridiculed. That is NOT acceptable to me on ANY level, Sir. You assured my husband on Friday that, after this punishment, no further repercussions will be put upon Nicholas. Then, may I suggest you reign your Coach in and get him on board with your plan. My son is feeling hurt and ashamed. He could barely look me in the eye last night. He said this was the “worst day of (his) life”. He is usually an open and outgoing, loving and fun child…and last night he was sullen, somber and barely a fraction of the kid he usually is. He ate dinner and went straight to bed and that is not like my son.

Do you realize that children cause themselves physical and emotional harm over things like this? That sometimes the taunting and teasing gets so overwhelming that they feel like there is only one way out? Surely you read the papers as I do. You’re a long time educator. I don’t think I need to draw you a picture of the horror stories that come out of things like this.

I heard a LOT of chest thumping at the football meeting a few weeks back…things along the lines of “I own your son, I will make him a warrior”. Newsflash. “I” OWN my son and I will not have him brow beaten and ridiculed into submission. These are children. This is football. It is a GAME…not a punishment. He is sad, hurt and dare I say a little afraid of what tomorrow is going to bring. He even implied that he had a fever…and that his asthma was bothering him, likely with the hope that I would keep him home from school today.

That said, if I hear one more time that my son has been bullied or ridiculed at the prompting of ANY of your staff members, rest assured that I will take this to the highest possible authority that I can and see to it that it is rectified once and for all.

You assured my husband that my son would be safe and nothing further would come of this. I expect you to be a man of your word.

Please call my husband to discuss this matter further as I just don’t feel I can have a civil conversation with the staff of {School Name} right now.

You can reach him at ***-***-**** after 11 am as he is on the Pacific Coast.

Thank you,
CP.[name omitted]

I did the very best I could to be civil. My son asked me not to say anything about this incident to the Principal or the Coach. However, I feel in my heart that to stay silent would be akin to condoning the behavior of the coach. I am so damn angry right now that I am actually pacing the floors. Livid. Certainly, what my son did was wrong. I get that. However, standing him up before his teammates and allowing them to take pot shots at him for what he has already been punished for is WAY out of the scope of acceptable to me. WAY out.

I have read so many horror stories in the past year of children killing themselves because they have fallen prey to bullying. While we grown ups are able to say “this was just a bad day. Tomorrow will be better…” it is a little harder for children to put that into perspective. School and their friends are their world. They can’t see beyond that to the bigger picture. I will not lose my son to the statistics of teenage bullying. I will not let this damage his normally wonderful self-esteem. I could not, in good conscience, let this go in silence.

Right or wrong, it had to be said.

All I know is that I have my little boy, sleeping in the next room, trying desperately to be a good kid and thinking that he is failing miserably. And that, my friends, is simply unacceptable.

And it breaks this mother’s heart.

Today is Game Day!

I am an anomaly.

I am the girly girl who lives, breathes, eats and sleeps football. Love it. Now don’t get all freaked out that the Princess likes it rough. *ahem* You couldn’t catch me playing the game, ever. I will not break a nail or mess up my hair. I will scream very loud, hoot and holler over the game.

This year, the Giants are in the Superbowl. They are my team. I am not a half assed football fan who jumps on the bandwagon for whatever team makes it to the Bowl. The Giants have been my team since I was old enough to know what a touchdown was. I have been with these boys through thick and thin. No matter how their season went, I was always there, cheering them on.

Today I am having a Superbowl party. We have chips, beer a plenty, queso dip, large hero sandwiches, tons of soda, onion dip, veggie dip and, did I mention beer? I also have football decorated cupcakes lest there be something sweeter than the game itself. I have never hosted a party in my own home. I am very good at being a guest. I can drink other peoples liquor and eat their food. I am not good, however, at putting all these things out, making it all look fancy and put together. Frankly, I suck at it. Fortunately, I have a mini Martha Stewart in my daughter. She knows how to pull all this stuff together and make it work. Me? I am a first rate loser when it comes to entertaining. I am all like…

“Here’s the food, here’s a plate, knock yourself out.”

As a Jewish woman, I simply don’t have the hostess gene. Now, I can hire people to handle this shit for me. I can speed dial like no one’s business. It’s what Jewish women do. We order stuff. We supervise and tell people what to do. It’s what I am good at, my strong suit, if you will. To leave me to my own devices is to ensure that disaster will ensue. I an useless in the kitchen. I am definately a ‘bedroom’ kind of girl with an occasional dalliance in the living room. Sex I can do. Hosting? Not a clue.

I could never throw a bash like Avitable did for Halloween because I am just not that type of person. He obviously planned for weeks, maybe months about what he was going to do for his party. Me? I just bought some plastic bowls this morning and feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

So, are you watching the game today? Are you having people over? Are you a hostess with the mostest? Can someone give me a clue?

6:46 UPDATE:
3-0 GIANTS. Fuck yeah!!!

7:01 UPDATE: Fucking Patriots. Dicks. 7-3.

7:41 UPDATE: I have no game update. I just want to say that I am on my third beer, switching over to a glass of wine, to be followed by a strawberry daquiri. Unlike my Giants, I am feeling no pain. My sandwiches were well received I have not run out of chips or beer. Frankly, I don’t give a fuck about my guests. They know where the kitchen is.

8:08 UPDATE: Half time show. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Feh. Not feelin’ it, y’all. It’s so 1980’s meets Top Gun and Tom Cruise. Do all these kids even know who Tom Petty is? More likely they know Richard Petty. TP is not a good looking man. I am hoping for no wardrobe malfunctions this year.

9:11 UPDATE: FUCK YEAH!!! GIANTS 10-7!!!!

9:39 UPDATE: *sighs* 14-10 New England. 2 minutes and 42 seconds left in the final quarter…not good.

NINE FIFTY-SEVEN UPDATE: 17-14 GIANTS WITH 35 SECONDS LEFT!!!! I think i AM about to shsit myhself!!!! I am so fucvcking happy!!!!!!!!!!


FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

10:56 UPDATE: Okay. I have to take back the blow jobs. The Hotband was not amused that I was giving away my golden mouth to the masses. So, instead…make it hand jobs. I use Purell so I am sanitized for your protection. However, the Hotband did mention that if I wanted to sex up the female bloggers, he is a big supporter of that.