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When a child dies…

I didn’t know Anthony Granton.

(Click the above sentence for the news article)

All I know is that he was a 17 year old kid who was found in a dumpster three blocks from where I live. The church he was found next to is the same church where my son goes for guitar lessons. My sons music teacher from school works in that church. His father in law is the pastor there.

A few days ago, the whole block was roped off. There were forensic trucks there, a coroners van and a half dozen police cars. Apparently, someone from the church was throwing away garbage in a dumpster and found Anthony’s body in the debris. He was clothed but there were stab wounds. He was killed elsewhere and dropped off here, at the church dumpster…almost as though he were an offering.

Again, I didn’t know this boy, but I might as well have.

My daughter went to the same high school this kid went to. He was a senior, just like she was three years ago. My son goes to a private school right up the street. This crime has walked into my front door and shot down any notion I have ever had about ours being a quiet little neighborhood…the kind where children can play freely outside without fear.

The dumpster where Anthony’s body was found is filled with memories…his friends turning it into a makeshift shrine. There are candles, flowers, teddy bears and pictures. It’s heartbreaking. These kids have no where to grieve and to mourn…so they chose the final resting place. The last place he ever was.

Today the police came and took the dumpster. They threw away all the candles, teddy bears and other offerings because the church wanted it off their property.

The church.

This is where my problem lies. Everyone who has read me knows I am Jewish. I am not a religious woman but one of faith. To me, it was a terrible slap in the face to the children of this community to remove the dumpster along with all the memorabilia being placed around it. They didnt want the kids on their property any longer even though they held a memorial service for him on Monday night. They just want it to go away.

Kids are still leaving flowers and notes on the spot where the dumpster was. They aren’t letting the people of the church discourage their mourning.

My problem is with sending my son to this church for his guitar lessons any more. I feel that they let these children down by not allowing the dumpster to stand. Throwing away those items that they left behind was an act of cruelty. These poor kids don’t know where to go and grieve and this was the only place that made any sense to them.

Do you see my plight?

Do I continue to support the church by letting my son take his music lessons there…or do I support the right of people to be able to grieve in their own way?

I am very confused and I am heartbroken for this kid.

It’s just too close to home…literally.

I almost died this past Thursday!!!!

By the way, thank you all for the headache remedies.

I almost didn’t need them anymore. Your Princess nearly died this weekend. Yes, death of the Princess and none of you would have ever known. So sad.

Mid migraine, my husband suggests we get away to the beach for the weekend. So on September 11th, a sad day in history to begin with…I drag my ass out of bed to go to the beach. I am not in a good mood. My head is hurting, it’s 9/11 and there are very gut wrenching issues I am dealing with in relation to that. My hotband is doing his best to cheer me up since the drugs/ice/compresses/etc. were not working. The beach is our happy place…and with Ike tucked safely away in the Gulf wreaking havoc on Texas instead of Florida. (I am praying for all of you Texans, God be with all of you…seriously). I figure we will try to relax on the beach.

Unfortunately for me, I choose to watch more “Project Runway” than I watch the Weather Channel. Yeah. Hurricane Ike? In the Gulf of Mexico. CP? In the Gulf of Mexico.

Apparently, the two cannot co-exist.

I got caught in a riptide. Know what that is? Thats when the water sucks you down harder than a hooker in heat. Sucked me in like a cheap whore. The swells were massive. Swelling I have not seen since the last time I broke out the KY Yours and Mine with the hotband.

Sucked. Under. See Ya.

And for a divine few moments, I was considering my own death. I was totally NOT cool with it. I fought those fucking waves so hard, gasped for breath and got sucked under again. This time, I hit the bottom. Hard. Smashed my face into the sand. Water piling onto my head. Can’t fucking breathe. So not cool.

Finally get my face above the water for a millisecond…long enough for my husband to see my panicked face. I yelled for help…LOUD!

Mind you, Hotband doesn’t swim. And this is the person I am asking for help???

Well, blah blah blah….I obviously made it out because I am here telling you about this. Ike puked me up and spit me out quite mercifully. Rolled my fat ass onto the sand and into my husbands arms. I was sputtering, spitting, pissing my drawers and shaking. I was completely blown away by the enormity of the situation.

We get back to the resort and the woman there tells us, “Oh, the Governor just made a statement warning that no one should go into the Gulf! I just wanted to let you kids know!”

Yeah. Great. Thanks.

So tell me…what would your final words to me be once you found out I died??

No. Seriously. Please pray for Texas. Hard.

Esther saves the world…

So, we’re on our way to Kmart (yes, the Princess shops Kmart once in awhile. Don’t hate.) My father, mother, Sammi and I are in the car…a large overbearing Lexus SUV. (Way to preserve the gas sitch, Parents!) All of a sudden, as we are going to park, we see a car start rolling forward into a ravine. The car was originally parked but somehow managed to start sliding foward. It was about a three foot drop into this ravine.

Esther sees this happen and screeches…

“Harry! Stop the car!!!”

My father, oblivious to what is going on continues to drive and says “Whatsa mattah?”

“Stop the car, dammit! There’s a dog in that car! Stop the car!”

Now, you have to know something about my mother. If a child was on fire, she wouldn’t be bothered to piss on it to put it out. However, if a dog is in trouble, she will leap into action like fucking Wonder Woman with a big D on her chest for “Doglover”.

My father slows the car down. We’re doing about 5 mph when Esther decides to swing the car door open and literally hurls herself from the car. She stumbles, hits her knee, gets up and starts running in the direction of the car that is slowly sliding down into the ravine. She does the fat lady run toward the car (Y’all know the fat lady run…it’s more like a waddle than an actual run) and puts out her hands like she is going to stop the car single handedly.

“There’s a dog,” she exclaims! “There’s a dog in the car!!!”

Someone calls 911 to let them know that there is a crazy fat chick trying to pull a dog from a car. People gather around. Sammi and I are pissing ourselves with laughter in the backseat. My father is yelling…”Esther! ESTHER!! Get back in the car, Esther! Are you fucking crazy???”

The car is now fully in the ravine and so is my mother. She’s yanking on the car doors…”get the dog! Get the dog!!”

Police come.

“Lady,” the officer sighs, “there is no dog in the car.”


“No Ma’am. There is no dog in this car!”

“It’s a small dog! I saw it! It must be scared and hiding under the car seats!”

The owner of the car comes out, coincidentally, and sees her car in the ravine.

“What the hell happened to my car,” she exclaims! “Who did this to my car?”

Esther leaps like a fucking frog onto the dry land and says, “How dare you leave your dog in the car with all your windows rolled up like that! Who the hell do you think you are!?”

Sammi and I continue to piss all over the car. My father throws his hands up in the air like he is completely fed up. He tells Sam and I to shut the fuck up. This only makes us laugh harder. He gets out of the truck and away from Sam and my hysterics.

The lady, dumbfounded by what has happened to her car, says, “What the hell are you talking about? I don’t have a dog in my car! I don’t even own a dog!”

Esther was not to be denied. “I saw it with my own eyes, Officer,” she says to the cop. “Open the door and you will see the dog. You need to arrest this woman!”

“Arrest ME,” she screeches. “Someone needs to lock YOU the fuck up! Look what you did to my car!”

“I didn’t do shit to your car. I was trying to rescue your dog, you imbecile.”

“For the third time, I DONT OWN A DOG. THERE IS NO DOG IN MY CAR.”

One of the cops shimmies his way down the three foot slope and into the one foot of water in the ravine. He looks into the woman’s window again. “There is no dog in this car,” he says. “I’ve checked twice. We need a tow truck. Lady,” he says, addressing the woman who owns the car, “Your car was in neutral.”

“I want to press charges,” says Esther.

“For what??” says the woman.

“For endangerment,” she says. “I jumped out of my car to save the dog and she was responsible for my injuries.”

“YOUR injuries?”

“YES,” yells Esther. “If your car hadn’t slipped down the ravine, I wouldn’t have ran to save it and hurt my knee. I jumped from my car you know,” she tells the officer, all proud of herself…like a bad episode of Charlie’s Angels.

“Lady,” says the cop, “there was no dog in the car. There was nothing for you to save. You didn’t need to jump out of the car.”

My father tries to pull her away and back into the car where Sam and I are dangling out of the tailgate, hysterically laughing and making sure not to miss a word of this melee.

“C’mon, Esther. Let’s go,” he says. He tries to pull her away.

“This is YOUR fault,” she says to my father.

“MY FAULT”, he says! “How is this MY fault??”

“You didn’t stop the car. If you had completely stopped the car, I would have seen that there wasn’t a dog in the car and none of this would have happened. Now I hurt my knee and broke a nail, goddammit.”

“Okay, Esther,” my father sighs. “It’s my fault.”

“As long as you know it,” she says. “Let’s go to the diner. I’m starving.”

Dear Friends…

I am in big trouble right now. Big trouble. I can’t get into it right now and I hate being so vague. I want to pour my heart out to all of you in hopes of someone helping me to get it right, but I can’t right now. I will. It will come out. It always does. I am ashamed of myself and despite that, I am not ready to be punished for my actions. No, I didn’t kill anyone…but I might as well have. It is very hard to admit that you are disgusted with yourself. It’s hard to look at my face in the mirror right now and find any semblance of a good person there. I know she exists…she just has bigger problems right now. I can’t hurdle this one alone. I can’t. I fucked up big time. (No, it has nothing to do with me and the hotband…my life is more perfect than it should be. I don’t deserve it…or him.)

I have already reached out to God for some help or hope. I don’t feel like He is giving it to me right now because I turned my back on Him as of late. I am struggling with something that is much bigger than I am…and if you have seen me, you know I am a damn big hunk of woman.

I am surviving by listening to Beatle’s music. I am trying to let the words to certain songs, like “Let it Be” heal me. No one thus far is speaking words of wisdom to me. I am at war with myself right now.

I promise to open up about this problem before the end of the week. For right now, if you can find it within you to throw a prayer, some good vibes, some positive karma or whatever it is you do in my direction…I will be humbled and grateful.

I am completely lost right now. I am in need of saving…and fast.

Someone please say something. Anything. Please.