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Baby Shower Contest!

So, yesterday was my daughters baby shower. What better time to throw a little contest. I am going to ask some questions. The person who gets the most right, or closest to right will win a gift card of their choice! Applebee’s, Ebay, Amazon, Starbucks…whatever you want. The game will stay open until Wednesday when I shall tally the votes and announce the winner on Thursday.

Here are the questions:

1) Out of 40 guests, how many actually showed up?

2) How many girls there had the name “Melissa”?

3) What was the total cost of the baby shower to be thrown?

4) How many men were at the shower?

5) What color outfit did my daughter wear?

6) How many duplicste gifts did she receive?

7) What did the inscription on the cake say?

8) How many pink balloons were hanging in the room where the shower was thrown?

9) How many “binkies” did she receive?

10) What time did the party end?

Answer the questions in the comments. Whoever gets the most right or closest to right will win the giftcard. Happy guessing and good luck!

PS: Check back in the comments as I will be giving clues…mwahahahahhaa!

Ta DAHHHHHHHH!!! I’m back, bitches!

Did anyone notice I was gone? No? Fuck you then. First off let me tell y’all something. Hiatus from blogging is like jonsing for nicotine. So many times I walked to this computer and said, “screw this hiatus stuff, I need to blog”. Truth of the matter is, I needed some time away from the keyboard. Sometimes you are at a loss for the right words to say. When the Princess goes silent, there is something genuinely wrong with the world.

And make no mistake, my world has been fucked as of late.

First of all, I spent most of the summer with Esther. Yeah. Nuff said about that, right? And I have stories, babies. Oy, the stories I will regale you with will be simply fabulous. You can’t spend that much time with the Tsunami named Esther without having some backlash to discuss.

Next, I survived Hurricane Fay. Nasty little bitch this one was…came straight through Tampa and dumped a shitload of rain and wind on us. Thank you to the few who emailed me (all six of you bee yoo tee full peeps) to check on my status. The Princess lives to write another day while Fay slinks off into a corner to jerk herself off in peace. Shes gone. I’m not.


Lastly, my 42nd birthday is coming up this Saturday and I wanted to make sure that y’all had enough notice to buy me some shit. Seriously. I want gifts. Lots of them…or at least send a bitch a card, you know? Show some damn love.

I have to give a shout out to Pajama Chick who made me a beautiful embroidery of the word “Princess” with a crown and everything! It is too beautiful and I am making it into a pillow to rest my pretty head on.

My daughters pregnancy is progressing well. She looks like a fucking meatball, she’s all round and shit. It’s cute. I put up the crib and got some faboo bedding for it (pictures to follow in a later post). She also did that 3D imaging of the baby while in the womb and I am TELLING you, this child looks just like my daughter! These things are so freaky! You can really see the baby!

I am going to be holding a “baby naming” contest this week…so break out your baby books and come up with some really sweet baby girl names. The winner will get to spend an hour on the phone with me. Nah. Not really. But there will be a cool prize involved I assure you of that, bitches.

The hotband is great. He has been home waiting on me hand and foot the entire summer. I Lurve when he is home cause everyday is my fucking birthday. He is as sexy as ever. He still moistens my panties. ‘Nuff said there too. Thanks for inquiring!

My son, the little rock star joined the school band. He is blowing into a clarinet and playing the guitar. His voice has changed. He sounds like a little man now, even made it a point of showing me the hair he is getting under his little armpits. Hello??? Can I stand another child going through puberty?? I don’t think so.

My official bra size as of now is 44F. Yes, they grew again and I felt the need to update everyone on this earth-shattering news.

So that was my summer. It is now back to school time so it was time for me to come out of quasi retirement. Tell me about your summer in the comments. Any good gossip that I missed? Hm??? You simply must dish. I need to get back in the loop.

Love ya, babies! I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! *blowing kisses…and everything else y’all want blown!*

Follow the Bouncing Princess!

The Certifiable One is pleased as shit to announce her latest endeavor.

Certifiably Shopping with the Certifiable Princess!

This is the place where you will now be able to go on virtual shopping sprees with me. I find the bargains, you get the benefits. I whore myself out…you reap the lovliness that is me! Do not despair, fine reader. You will still get all the CP you can handle…but now, you get my girlie side to the extreme! Everything will be poofy and pink and fluffy and sparkly and glittery and girlie! It is a place where the girls can be a girl and the boys can spy! It’s like high school…with a no limit credit card! Wheeeeeee. I will even leave some panties around for the boys to steal now and then. There will be gift cards, prizes, contests and virtual shopping hunts online!

Let’s start now! Contest announcement!

I want a banner for THIS page, sponsoring the NEW page. I am now taking submissions for entries. Must be sidebar size. Must capture the essence of shopping with the princess. Must include the words “Certifiably Shopping”. Must sign into the comments to note participation and then, send entry to certifiablePRINCESSatYAHOOdotCOM (put that into proper email format, all lower case) Winner shall receive a gift card for the online site of their choice! Please state your giftcard preference in the comment section along with a “CP, I am gonna rock your world with my banner”. If you suck up hard, I might give yours a bit more consideration! Can’t make a banner? Then just come up with a sweet little poem, limerick or haiku as to why you want to Certifiably Shop with CP and post to the comments! Then, leave your giftcard preference within your poem, limerick or haiku for extra bonus points!

Sample Haiku:

Shopping with CP.
It is better than oral.
Target gift card please.

See? It is THAT easy! I am such a sucker for a suckup. Just show me the tiniest amount of attention and you own this bitch…and a gift card! Sheesh! I rock! You may only enter ONCE whether it is for art love or written love. Got that, Fabulous One?

Sound interesting to you? (And frankly, how could it not?) Then click the princess below to become a part of Certifiably Shopping!

Click this shiny, gleaming, bright neon green logo button and I’ll double your entry! I’ll know who you are, my pretties! I’m watching you! Moo ha ha!

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