Baby, it’s cold outside…

Baby, it’s COLD outside.  And what does that mean to me?

Usually nothing, as I live in Florida, a winter challenged state down south that doesn’t realize that some of us totally live and die for boot season. It’s everything!  As a native New Yorker of 30 plus years, it is very hard for me to adapt to the fact that there is virtually, no winter in Florida.  However, I don’t let that stop me from being the perfect snow angel once the first cold snap hits.  While I understand that some of you won’t see 62 degrees as a cold snap, this is what I have to live with.  But, you lucky snow bunnies! YOU do not!  And here are the MUST have staples to make your closet a winter wonderland.

One of the most figure flattering pieces you can own is a structured blazer.  For those of you old enough to remember the 80’s, you will recall that the blazer was a staple.  Why?  Two words for you.  Shoulder.  Pads.  Those wild winged shoulders made even the thickest waist look whittled down and oh so slim.  While sadly, the shoulder pads have died with the career of most 80’s bands, the structured look of a well fitted blazer has not.  It is still the best article of clothing for layering, and carving a waistline into your figure.  With skirts, jeans or even leggings, this is the number one piece that any frosty fashionista should have in her closet.

Another hot trend for winter?  The perfect “bow blouse”.  Once upon a time it was a SERIOUS no no for a busty girl to wear a bow blouse.  However, that “rule” has gone out the window along with no white after Labor Day.  Bow blouses are the perfect statement piece for work or for play.  They provide an extra touch of warmth by tying up near a normally exposed neckline.  They can go from the boardroom to cocktails with a quick change of your shoes.  From pencil skirts to pencil thin jeans, this style transitions easily, while making sure you look a perfect mix of modern and classic.  Try one in a deep jewel tone like emerald green or sapphire blue to really put the pop in the winter blahs.

Finally, my favorite new trend for winter is so inappropriate here in Florida, yet I wear it with a look on my face that says, what?  Have you never seen a wide brimmed, floppy suede hat in Fall before?  Yes, wide brimmed hats are back in.  While I have not seen them in at least 4 decades, I personally couldn’t be more thrilled to see them back in style!  Pay you no mind, my petite princesses, to those who say hats should not be worn by the under 5’5 sect!  A wide brimmed hat puts focus back on the prettiest part of you:  your exquisite face!  It ensures that people look you in the high, streamlines your jawline (perfect for those of us who may have an extra chin…or two) and really makes your look stand out in a crowd.  Make sure not to go “summertime straw hat” big for Winter as it will throw your look off balance.  Pair it with a poncho or bat wing top, a long pendant necklace and a pair of flat suede boots for winter for that dreamy, easy 70’s vibe. 

If  it isn’t cold where you live, don’t despair!  It doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite winter trends. Just stay away from the over the top winter trends, like furry mittens or thick cashmere scarves.  For those of you whose weather goes from 80 to 18 degrees in the course of a month, then you already know that layering is the key!  Whatever the weather, you will be winter wonderful all season long.  Remember, personal style is an individual as a snowflake.  Each one is unique, so experiment with different looks and trends.  Blend them until you find something that really gives you a signature look all your own.

What’s your favorite tried and true trend for looking like the perfect snow queen all season long?

One thought on “Baby, it’s cold outside…

  1. jan

    I think my post-surgery body may not fit into those AWESOME leggings I have that my good friend sent to me.
    I may have to go on a hunt for a larger pair 😀

    It’s a northern thing. With boots and an oversized cozy sweater.

    You’re envious, I know 😉


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