Focus 52: "Variety"

I am a shoe whore.

No, no…it’s alright.  Don’t worry about labeling me a shoe whore.  I’m good with it.  It’s okay.  I have come to terms with it and while the term “whore” is a bit degrading, it is what it is.  I mean, a whore is someone who performs sex for money, right?  I perform sex…for shoes.  Now, don’t get me wrong, my husband doesn’t say to me, “Babe, I saw a fabulous pair of Steve Madden’s that you are going to LOVE.  Price?  One blow job.”  But, if he did say that, I would totally be down for it.  So, in theory, that makes me a shoe whore.  There’s not too much that I wouldn’t do for a pair of shoes as long as it will A) not land me in jail where I can only wear state approved canvas boat shoes or B) will not cross the boundaries of my marriage, disabling my pipe line to fantastic shoes for the price of a well timed blow job.  I mean, seriously, are there many men out there who would say, “baby, for just one quick hand job, you can have these Jimmy Choo’s?”  No, not many.  But, my husband is one of them…and I am not going to disrupt the flow, you know?

So, for this week’s Focus 52 prompt being “Variety”, I have allowed you into my closet, so to speak and pulled out 25 of my favorite pairs of high heels.  Mind you, I said my favorites.  This does not include my ridiculous flip flop collection, my multiple pairs of flats, the tons of heels I no longer wear as they are out of season or fashion, the vast array of sneakers that I own or anything that can be remotely referred to as a “stripper shoe”.  I call them “Over the shoulder” shoes. 

You figure it out.

So there they are.  Mama’s babies.  However this photo does not include my crown jewel.  The Pièce de résistance.  (That’s French, Fuckers.  Someone come kiss their way up my arm and say “Cara Mi!  You spoke French!  And if you don’t get the reference, you are too young to be reading my blog.  Go away.)

Here she is:

Ladies, say hello to “Fifi” by Steve Madden. 

She is my new best friend.  My “sole” mate.  And no, I don’t own a DAMN thing that will go with her, but best believe that I will by this weekend.  I see her and my lady bits throb.  She makes me happy.  We are in love and never shall any other shoe render us asunder. 

Until next season. 

12 thoughts on “Focus 52: "Variety"

  1. CP

    She’s so beautiful in a “Sex and the City/Carrie Bradshaw” sort of way, isn’t she??? *sighs*

    I am trying to hold her too much, lest I get drool on her delicate silk fabric. LMAO

  2. CP

    The Fifi’s? What do you mean “where are they”? Um, at present, they are sitting next to me. LOL But if you meant where you can get them, you can get them at or But right now, Miss Fifi and her left foot counterpart are nestled in their box sitting alongside my desk.

  3. CP

    Oh…LOL Okay, you confused me, Arlene! You couldn’t see the pic. I get it now. LOL Well, in your learning process, feel free to ask me any questions about anything, any time! Welcome to the blog! 🙂

  4. CP

    Jan, I bought them about two weeks ago, before my cruise. I made a deal with myself that if I passed my last math exam, that I would buy these bad boys. And I did, so I did. Sadly, I have to return them though for a different size. They run a little small, so they have to go back. I just wanted a little snuggle time with them first. LOL

    I get very attached, very quickly.

  5. Barbara

    I love shoes, too, but I have to settle for drooling over them rather than collecting. Fifi is beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you find to go with her!

  6. Tug

    I kinda think it’s hilarious that I am the anti-shopper/girl/shoe-y type person & my post this week was shoes too. No, not heels, don’t get your hopes up, lol.


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