Focus 52: "Connect"

So I am mulling over the word “connect” and thinking. Connect. Connections. The way we keep ourselves together with the people we love. The connections we make, even briefly, over a cup of coffee. The shake of a random hand. The connection of a smile. How we all connect in tragedy, like the way we all connected over the shootings in Arizona…

I have a million ideas throbbing around in my skull for what I would like to photograph and write about.

But, always one for new ideas, I turn to the Hotband. “Honey, when I say the word, ‘connect’, what’s the FIRST thing to pop into your head.”

He says….”dots?”

Men.  So simple minded. So sweet.  So…so…boring.

Admittedly, I was at a loss this week.  I started thinking about connection in its most simple, base terms.  I thought about puzzle pieces and how they connect.  I started trying to think modern and considered snapping a photograph of the tangled web of wires just below my desk…the ones that keep me connected to all of you, here, on the internet.  I struggled with this concept as I was walking across the bridge at my college taking me from one side of the campus to the other, where I continue on my path of higher learning.

And then it dawns on me.  Connect.  Bridges connect.  This bridge that I cross every day that takes me from the parking lot, where I stood with trepidation…not exactly sure that I was ready to go back to school, across to the buildings where lessons will be taught.  I thought about the bridges I have built and, naturally, the ones I have burned.

Bridges connect.

I stepped off the bridge, down into the grassy area that runs along the beautiful lake at my college, defying the “Keep Off The Grass” sign.  I stood among the palm trees and the lushly landscaped butterfly gardens that decorate the campus.  I edged closer to the water despite the warning signs that let me know an alligator might be lurking nearby, waiting to take a nice healthy chomp out of my leg.  I waited for the sun to creep a bit below the trees and bathe the bridge in its natural, warm glow.

The sun on my face felt good.   The moment felt right and the sun setting reminded me that I only had a mere five minutes to get to my classroom, to begin the learning process once more.  Back in school once again and on my desired path, despite my detour into forbidden territory.

Bridges connect…and this time, it is taking me where I need to be.  This…is home.

12 thoughts on “Focus 52: "Connect"

  1. Jan

    and I didn’t even think of bridges!
    but of course, it’s so perfect. And being that it’s at the school? Even more so.
    I love that you’re doing this.

  2. CP

    Jan…I love that you put a gun to my head and forced me to. LOL Nah, I’m kidding. You know how much I was looking forward to this. Your dedication to making this happen has opened up so much within me again. It has actually stirred up some creative juices that have been laying dormant for awhile now. It feels SO good to be writing again. And, I was so often struggling for a “topic” or a “thing”. But now, adding a photograph to capture a moment…and then talking about that moment, it naturally makes you have something to discuss. It sort of creates itself, you know? I thank you SO much for doing this. It has been so therapeutic and I really look forward to Mondays, the new theme and I am excited to be writing creatively again instead of doing all the boring fact checking/freelance health writing I’ve been doing.

    Did I mention how much I love/adore you this week? I promise to…every single week, for the next 50 more weeks and then, probably for the next 50 years thereafter! xxoxoxoxo


  3. CP

    Deb, Miss you muchly. You need to send me your phone number so I can randomly text you when I’m horny…er, I mean drunk, er…I mean, um…lonely, er…um…I think I meant in the mood to have a refreshing and intellectual conversation on the ever changing values of Christians in the post-homosexual accepting society and its impact on the economical standings in China, Libya and the mystery surrounding Michael Jackson’s death.

    yeah. That’s what I meant. LMAO


  4. CP

    SS – I HAVE to put a lot of thought into it. Unlike you and Jan, I am NOT a great photographer. Great photographers SEE moments beyond the capacity of the eye. For me, I have to FIND the moment and then try to capture it. So, it’s a challenge for me where it comes so effortlessly for you. Your photo this week was so beautiful. Thank you for your sweet words! xoxoxo

  5. Hilly

    This is beautiful. I love your bridge analogy and find it interesting because I’ve had bridges in my head a ton lately.

    I wake up and start singing from Phantom almost every day…”that bridge is crossed so stand and watch it burn”. I guess it’s my way of saying goodbye to connections that were but are no longer, sans sadness.

    But there is also water underneath a burned bridge so yanno, if it becomes important enough, we can always swim across.

  6. CP

    Jane – Had to delete your comment and repost it. (No mentioning the Hotband’s real name on the blog, my friend. It’s the rules) LOL

    jane said…

    I love this photo, and how your story made it connect to each of us. I, for one, envy your writing skills, they are absolutely mad, girlfriend!
    ps… @ [Hotband] & dots? hilarious! He & Jim would probably hit it off!

    1/16/2011 9:41 PM

  7. CP

    SSS – Thank you so much. I really appreciate the feedback! Will have to get over to your blog asap and see what you are doing over there!

    Hil – I like that…the ability to always be able to swim if the bridge suddenly bursts in to flames. Problematic for those who can’t swim, obviously, but I think a good doggy paddle could always get us through in a pinch. XOXO



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