Focus 52: "Cold"

This weeks prompt has had me so frustrated.  Cold.  How on earth do I do “Cold” when I live in Florida and the temperature is a balmy 73 degrees?  Florida has been the hold out in the United States as the ONLY state that did not cooperate during “Snowmageddon 2011”.  Every single other state in the union had snow on the ground except Florida.  Not even a hint of frost in the weeks since the holidays.  Nothing.

So, I search my house for the usual suspects.  My refrigerator?  That’s cold.  Perhaps some sort of artsy photo of my fridge which looks more from the exterior like a photo album? It’s covered in photographs of my kids, my niece and nephews.  My grandkids.  My children.  My husband and myself.  Bleah. Not feeling that idea at all.  A photo of my thermostat set at 68 degrees with the air conditioning on “high” because it is so warm in my house?  My photo cannot convey the feeling of cold like that.  What can I shoot that would convey a feeling of cold?

I go to the bathroom in my barefoot.  It’s freezing on the tile floor.  My legs get goose bumps! Oh, a pic of goosebumpy skin for “cold”!  Alas, by the time I grab my camera, the goosebumps dissipate.  My moment of “cold” is gone.  It IS cold in my house though.  My nipples are rock hard glass cutters right now.  My boobs straining against the fabric of my t-shirt would relay the look of “cold”…but hey, Jan is running a family show on the Focus 52 project, so perhaps a set of high beams pointing south is not the way to go. (However, the photo can be sent to whoever has an interest in seeing it.  Simply fill out an email with “erect nips” in the subject line.  For a meager fee of $9.95, I will forward the photo to you.  I accept PayPal.  I will also be happy to supply you with a receipt for your tax returns.  The desire to look at 44 year old erect nipples would clearly be a charitable gesture and probably would earn you a deduction on your return.  Offer not valid in Canada.  Sorry, Jan. LOL) 

I turn on YouTube for some musical inspiration and listen to one of my favorite songs, “Cold” by Annie Lennox.  Didn’t really inspire much of anything except my desire to listen to the rest of the album, Diva, which is arguably one of the best albums of the 1990’s…or like, ever.  She’s an amazing songstress with the vocal prowess of a thousand lovebirds all cooing in perfect harmony.  However, there is nothing “cold” about this moment and so, my idea of musical inspiration falls flat.  I sit here, staring at the screen…empty as the thoughts in my head.  All roads are leading me no where.  I turn to Google Images and pop “cold” into search bar and hit “I’m Feeling Lucky”.  I get this.  Sure. Leave it to me to find the ONE site on the entire internet that has the word “cold” in it…but is under construction.  Seriously?  Billions of sites with the word “cold” in it and I manage to find the one site that is as barren as a woman’s womb post hysterectomy.  Great.  So, I do it again, only this time…I hit “Images”.  It suggests: Are you looking for “cold sores”?  Um, no.  No, Google, I am not and if I were…I most assuredly would have found them during my stint as a single woman back in the 80’s because, well…it was the 80’s.  Think “free love” during the 60’s…only with neon colors, shoulder pads and replace the pot with cocaine.  I politely decline the offer of cold sores and hit Images again…with just plain, old fashioned, herpe-less “cold” in the search bar.  I am presented with this picture:

which is awesome and all because A) it’s true and B) it takes you to the artists site who drew the above picture which is the infamous Natalie Dee of Toothpaste for Dinner.  And, in what can only be described as Six Degrees of Separation/Kevin Bacon style…Natalie Dee is the artist who drew the little princess that adorns my header, sidebar and all the comments I leave for you people.  The irony is just too much to wrap my head around.

The internet is a strange and wonderful little paradise of coincidences and extraordinary occurrences, is it not?

It is at this point that I give up.  I will have to just take the stupid refrigerator picture that I thought of earlier and just be done with it.  Nothing else is coming into my head at this point.  I’m tired, it’s 6:45 in the morning and it is friggin’ freezing in this house.  I leave my office, shutting the light off behind me.  I have to wake up my son for school in about 20 minutes so to go lay down in my bed right now would be the equivalent of foreplay without orgasm.  It would feel good for about a minute but then, I would have to leave before sleep comes and frankly, that’s just a damn tease.  As I am walking down the hall, I circle back and decide to just check in on my sleeping son.  And…there it was.  My picture!  The moment!

I run back into my office and grab my camera to take a shot of this:

My baby boy. All bundled up in his comforter, pulled up to his neck…because he is, wait for it…wait for it…


Is it genius? No.  A masterpiece? Not by a long shot.  But, what it IS is real.  A precious, non-pretentious, non-staged moment in time that gave me a heart warming picture to share with all of you.  When our babies become teenagers, it is rare that we have a moment of peace with them.  It’s always something, somewhere, somehow.  They are too busy to slow down to talk to you…or, when they want to finally say something, of course it is always at the same moment that now, YOU are too busy to slow down to talk to them.  But, when they are sleeping, time stops.  You are transported to a time when you held the cards, you had the power, you called all the shots.  You fed them, you bathed them, you dressed them and then, that wonderful moment where you laid them down to sleep for the night.  How peaceful they looked.  How quiet and sweet when their big teenage gaping maw is not blathering on and on in your ear, on the phone, in front of the television or with the stereo playing way too loud…despite the fact they have headphones on.

Right now, at this moment…he is my little boy.  And he is cold.

I put another blanket over him.  Tousle his moppy brown curls, now tiger striped with peroxide orange streaks from his latest teenage whimsical decision to bleach his hair and plant a kiss on the top of his head.  In 5 more minutes, I will be waking him up for school.  He will be a moody, agitated, annoyed teenager again and I will be the screeching banshee standing over him caterwauling “YOU’RE GONNA MISS THE BUS…GET UP!!!”

But shhhh…because right now, he’s still my little angel baby…all wrapped up, snuggled and content.  And suddenly, this really cold house feels warm again…right along with my heart.

17 thoughts on “Focus 52: "Cold"

  1. Anonymous

    Awww what a great story and well written. Love your sense of humor. I still haven’t come up with anything for cold this week and it’s actually cold where I am. Again great story! (amcmillian aka Angela)

  2. CP

    Saint – BAH! I SAW your photo, darlin! It is GORGEOUS! Absolutely magical…like someone set that tree up just to be photographed the way you did it. Really breathtaking stuff! I completely envy you photo people! I am a story teller…but not through the lens of a camera, that’s for sure. I need the words to enhance it. Your photos never need a word to accompany them. They speak for themselves.

    Thank you Angela! And welcome! I’m glad you liked the story. I have to hunt around for some of your photos now and see what your stuff is like! Post a link next time! I love looking at everyone’s work!


  3. Jan @twoscoopz

    How much did I enjoy reading your thought process?! omg! love it!
    And I’ll admit that I’m giggling a bit at stumping you. I’m evil like that 😉

    And look, you pulled it out and made it awesome.

    I’m having a proud, proud Mama moment. Seriously.


  4. LadyHAHA

    HAHAHA! I love it! Brava! So much better than me! I totally write whatever post I think up of and try to find SOME WAY to relate it to Janice’s prompt. It’s pathetic really!

  5. Christie Chritter

    1. I need to find me a project like this! I like it!

    2. I added your page to Stumbleupon, so it can be stumbled by possibly thousands!

    Brilliant 🙂

  6. Absurdist

    This one totally cracked me up! Love it love it! Nipples pointing south…We need a women’s group – sounds like a great band name or something:

    Nipples Pointing South

    We’d rock it, and when we get popular, we’d be known as NPS…

    So, how much did you have to pay the kiddo to keep the picture on the blog?


  7. Tug

    I love it! Love reading the thought process behind the photos, J’s great at that. 😉

    I live in CO where it’s COLD, but with no snow, just ick brown out, it sure doesn’t look like it in photos.

  8. Barbara Shallue

    I love this – I know exactly how you feel and it’s so true about those teenagers who don’t want to tell you anything until you’re tied up with a zillion other things, and it’s so true how, when they’re sleeping, they’re just your little babies again. Sweet story (and if it makes you feel better, we’ve had frost but NO SNOW here in Austin.) Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could discover yours!

  9. hezro

    Aww…sweet story. I can’t imagine when my babies will be teenagers…but we’re headed there quickly. My oldest turns 8 this summer. How can that be?! Eight years. It’s been a blip. *sigh*

  10. Jillsy Girl

    I thought for sure I left a comment here the other day when I read this post but I must have been interrupted by something before I got a chance since I don’t see it.

    When you were speaking of your “nips” it made me think of the English expression (my hubby’s a Brit) “Chapel Hat Pegs” and if they’re really really cold, then they’re considered “Double Chapel Hat Pegs”! Do I need to explain, or do you get it? 😉


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