Focus 52: "Begin"

Yes. I already wrote my post for the New Year.  It was fabulous. Did you miss it?  Well, go the hell back and read it.  It was all about love with nice stories, sexy music and of course, the joy that is my life.

Now, I am involving myself in the “Focus 52” project, where we creative types will be taking photos, blogging, showing off our goods (no, not like that…perverts) in a collective effort to post our stuff at least once a week, every week, for a year.

I am a commitment phobe.  Don’t believe this?  Ask my three husbands.  Yeah.  It’s like that. 

However, I truly feel I can devote myself to this project.  I watched my girl Janice do her 365 day project, where every. single. day. she took another photograph and uploaded it, blogged about it and she really moved me with her work.  It inspired me and now that she is sponsoring the less taxing Focus 52 project, well, this is something that I feel I can do…especially with her at the helm. 

I recently started taking pictures.  Not great pictures, but pictures of moments that make me say…wow, I would love to write about that moment.  So, with camera in hand…I grab the moment.  I’m not a professional photographer by any means.  My experience goes as far as in the mirror pics of myself for Facebook or boobie shots on my phone that I text to my husband.  But, for the purpose of just grabbing the moment, my skills of point and click are good enough.  I just want to capture enough of the moment for me to take it home and write about it.  My focus will now be on exactly that…capturing moments in photos and then, talking about that particular moment in time.  What it meant.  What I was feeling.  The circumstances surrounding it.

This project will not only give me the opportunity to commit to my writing once again, but allow me to branch out just the tiniest bit into another creative outlet.  You don’t have to be good at something to love what you do.  (See: President George Bush). 

Here is my first photo (click to enlarge):

This photo was taken New Years Eve, 2010.  It was taken from the balcony of our hotel room overlooking the Gulf Beaches in Treasure Island, Florida.  A better photographer would  have known to center this bitch, as the sun usually doesn’t lay lazily to the right.  At this particular moment, I was thinking…this is the last sunset of the year.  When the sun sets…it will give way to a new year, a new start.

A new beginning. 

I think I am going to like being a part of this project. 

9 thoughts on “Focus 52: "Begin"

  1. Jessie

    i’m on my third 365 photo project. the first 2 failed for various reasons. my goal with it is to strive to teach myself as much as possible with it and learn my camera and post processing procedures better. then again, i am an actual professional so this is more of a growth thing than a “look at me go” thing.

    i used to blog every day. for like 3 years. i dont have the time anymore and i also realized that it’s quality, not quantity.

    good luck man.

  2. CP

    Saint – working on it! I figured I’d try my hand at something new while doing what I excel at the most. Maybe one will cover up the lameness of the other! LOL

    Jan – Thanks for the inspiration, Love. Couldn’t have done it without your motivation…and this ridiculously PRETTY, pretty page! xoxoxoxo

    Jessie – Definitely quality over quantity, for sure. I am not a pro photographer by any stretch, but I am a professional writer. By doing this, it is getting me motivated to get back into my writing again. I haven’t published an article in a few months now. Writers block. But this little push will hopefully get me off my ass and get the juices flowing again. I have a novel to complete. LOL 20 years in the making. It has to get done before I hit 50 and I am too old to hit the book tour circuit! LOL

  3. Jillsy Girl

    All photographers know that centering is a no-no (see, you’ve got it in you and you didn’t even know it!). I, too, am looking forward to Jan’s Project 52! It should be fun to see everyone’s work in different mediums!

    As I was typing I just burst out laughing when I saw Chickie’s avatar trying to get my attention!! ROFLMAO!


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