It has to make you laugh at some point…

There are some hugely influential bloggers online. Example? Perez Hilton. Heh. Not an example? This. (Edited to add:) Or this.

It’s awesome to be a legend in ones mind. Truly. I sure as fuck am. With all my flaws and inconsistencies, I still try to grow and evolve as a person constantly. Sometimes, I do it to perfection. Other times, not so much.

What I don’t do is lie to my readers. Never.

Don’t care if there are six of you or sixty of you. Never mattered to me. Never will. (Well, now, in retrospect, that’s not true. I do admit to being a blog whore once upon a time. I gave it up for lent.) Whoever reads this is just as important to me as the next person. And while once upon a time I considered a large readership to be a status symbol, I have definitely grown from that.

What interested me today was that someone asked an “influential blogger” to utilize her blog space to support a charity organization (which I will get to shortly). The person who was supporting the charity was someone who said influential blogger dislikes. However, what in the price of eggs in China does that have to do with you supporting a charity? You have the means, the tools and the time. You blog for several different reader sites. You have FRIENDS who would actually BENEFIT by this program! Military friends! You have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many people…but because you don’t like someone, you reply with “are you fucking kidding me?”


This is the same “influential blogger” who loves to tell everyone how compassionate and loving she is.

Reality check?

If you have to TELL people you are compassionate and loving? Um, you’re not.

It would be like me having to tell you I’m a bitch. If you can’t surmise that about me in the first 30 seconds of meeting me you are either A)Blind as a fucking wombat or B) Dumb as a box of rocks. There is the third option, of course, that I am simply not doing my job as a bitch. That, however, is highly unlikely.

Now, I don’t mind so much that you turned this blogger down. It’s your blog. You don’t want to expend the energy posting about their charity event…cool. That’s fine. Would have been the nice/right/humane thing to do and given you the chance to show that you are a bigger person, but hell, why do that?

No. What bothered me was someone saying (and I’m paraphrasing here) “She blocked me off of facebook and twitter so now I can say whatever I want without consequences”.

Excuse me?

The blogger that said this to me? Love her. Known her for a long time. Great girl. But really? Consequences? For not liking someone?

What kind of circa 1985 time warp did I fall into here? Are we back in high school? Is there a cool kids table that I don’t know about? Why on earth would there be consequences?

Why? Because there is.

Because said “influential blogger” has a whole lot of sheep “baa-baa’ing” at her heels. Sides have been chosen. It boils down to you either like “US”…or you like “THEM”.

In the past few weeks during “the DRAMA” (didn’t I say I was never going to speak of this again? Heh. C’est la vie. My blog. My rules to break), I have discovered who the sheep really are. There were a lot of mutual friends between US and THEM. It was like a divorce. They got divvied up. Some went to their camp. Some to ours. There have been some who have been “walking the line”, so to speak. In other words, they are trying their damndest to stay neutral and remain friends with all parties.

I respect the FUCK out of those people because, man. I know it surely hasn’t been easy to do.

But, back to consequences.

I, for one, believe for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I am also a believer in karma. A VERY strong believer in karma. Everyone gets their comeuppance eventually. I don’t WISH this on people. It’s just the way the world works.

What a phenomenal thing it would have been for said “influential blogger” to have said, you know what? I think I WILL send out a post about this charity. After all, I have whored out my blog before for lesser things (and honestly, who among us has not?) and this would be a great opportunity for me to show the world that I am so much smaller than the big picture!

No. Instead, we have people worrying about what other people are going to think.

I was at a point earlier this week where I was going to apo-apo-apo…*gags* apologize *cough* for some of the things that I said to and about said blogger. Some of the things I said were cruel and inadvertently directed at a victim of the scenario and not the perpetrators. I felt bad about that. I did. It’s been eating at me.

But then, as Cyndi Lauper so eloquently put it…I see your true colors shining through.

And suddenly, I find myself apathetic as opposed to apologetic.

After all, if nothing changes…nothing changes.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is my Razorblade Tomato for the day.

That said, let me leave you with this:

Think for yourselves. Be yourselves. Don’t worry about what other people think of you. Life is too short for you not to live it to the fullest. Keep yourself raised up. Do for others, not out of pity or obligation, but because it really makes you fill up the happy tank. Stay charitable and humble. Remember when you are in crisis, someone out there has far greater struggles than you. Pain is temporary, ugly is forever.

Be beautiful.

Please. If it meets your life criteria and you can find it in your heart to click, head over to this site and simply vote for this idea to win the Pepsi Refresh Grant. Nothing to buy, no money to give. Just a simple click on a simple idea that will help thousands of veterans.

Thank you.

23 thoughts on “It has to make you laugh at some point…

  1. Jester

    Honestly, I don’t think she is nearly as influential as you give her credit for.

    She’s certainly not as influential as she *takes* credit for.

    Unapologetic arrogance, ingratiating egomania and the moral compass of a rabid hyena… sounds like the perfect role model.

  2. Bluepaintred

    can I be rude here and say you might have missed these tweets by me :

    See here’s the thing, I would rather be honest and do the Right Thing, than be in the cool kids club @******

    @******* besides, I hear that all that happens from being in TCKC is you get fucked over.

    What do I stand to lose by being honest? Nothing of worth, whereas going with the flow will cost me my self respect.

    My saying I can do what I want without consequence was rather tongue in cheek becuase THIS IS THE INTERNET and if belonging to the cool kid club means I give up what *I* feel is right, then I don’t need to be kicked out, I will walk out.

    Although her sheep are pretty scary. last time they converged on me meant a few days of hell whenever I went to my inbox >:/

    Also, anyone who can have nearly 600 people sign up for a wii, can get the word out to more people than I about a wonderful charity

  3. CP

    Nay, nay. I do not feel she is an “influential blogger”. That is what she was called by someone else. I feel she is a popular blogger, which is VERY different than being influential.

    It’s the difference between quality and quantity, quite frankly.

    It takes a massive readership to be popular. You can be influential with only one reader. All you need to do is touch one heart.

    Touching one wallet doesn’t count as influential to me.

    Jesus. I nearly apologized to her for a comment that I made on your blog. My conscience almost got the best of me. Almost. Thank God she resorted to douchebaggery.

    Oh my God! She was influential! I feel better about myself now! LOL

  4. CP

    Oh Lord! You outed yourself! LOL

    Yes, I missed those tweets, but was filled in by a mutual friend. I saw that you handled yer bizniz in a really exemplary manner. You were polite and lovely despite being cursed at. And you truly held your own…which I love.

    Yes, I know the cool kids club is a difficult table to maneuver. I pulled myself out of it quite awhile ago when I noticed I had my own flock of sheep. I don’t want people doing and saying what “I” think! God, no! I like free thinkers and original ideas!

    And yeah, 600 people for a Wii and 3 grand for a motorcycle? That’s a whole lot of ugly waiting to come back at her.

    She’s a self-saboteur though, BPR. She has all these amazing opportunities to do great things with her life and sidelines them for the ugly. I was guilty of that for a long time but I make an effort every single day to try to do the right thing in my world.

    Like, talking about this? Not necessarily the “right” thing…but a bitch has to vent, ya know? And therapy ain’t cheap.

  5. Jester

    I’m feeling a little left out.

    I didn’t get any fallout from the sheeple. Nothing.

    Instead they attacked everyone else. I guess they would prefer to go after people they wrongly assume can’t stick up for themselves.

    Raising money for a charity doesn’t benefit her. She can’t even acknowledge the money she raised for the motorcycle now… at least she’s got enough self-awareness to realize there’s a nasty can of worms sitting on her desk.

    Unfortunately she thinks it won’t stink if she just leaves it alone.

    That’s not how it works.

  6. CP

    Said this before, will say it again. It’s like a child. If I just cover my eyes, everything goes away. When I open my eyes again, wheeee…everything comes back!

    And, the sycophants didn’t go after you, Jes, because wildebeest never attack the strongest in the herd. They go after what they assume is the weakest link. However, in this instance, the mob mentality was wrong…and the “weak” has become very strong, indeed.

    That, and you ARE the biggest asshole on the internet you know, which is a pretty big deal.


  7. Sodapop

    I just clicked on the link and voted. And I shared it on Twitter.

    I’ve tried to be one of those people in the middle. I can’t say that I’m pleased with today’s development, tha’s for sure.

    I’ve decided I’m just going to stay out of it and try to get others to vote for the project. 🙂

    p.s. my Google Account doesn’t actually go to my blog 🙁 It goes to my old blogger blogs lol

  8. CP

    Soda – It was sad to watch. Truly. The thing that gets me so damn mad? She thought absolutely nothing about asking for all that money for a motorcycle. Okay. That was tacky. But, when she reached the goal, you don’t even thank your readers? No public thanks to those who contributed? Were they not worthy of this?

    I can only hope that she sent private emails to those who contributed, thanking them.

    You had a chance to do something good…and it erupted into something disgusting (if you’re watching on twitter right now, you know what I’m talking about).

    All the name-calling and degrading that is going on?

    It’s making me feel so ICK…and yet I can’t seem to keep my big mouth shut!! LOL

    Thanks for clicking/re-tweeting!

  9. heartinsanfrancisco

    I don’t know who you’re referring to but it doesn’t matter. Big egos in the blogosphere, as in other areas of life, are legion.

    Thank you for the link to that site. I voted for a good and humane idea.

  10. Sodapop

    CP – yeah it’s making me feel ick too. I’m watching on Twitter. Trying to keep myself from saying anything, for now. There are like two different things going on so it’s giving me a headache trying to keep up lol

    It’s for a good cause, I can’t imagine NOT reposting that link at least somewhere in my online life. Doesn’t compute.


  11. CP

    Heart – trust me? It ain’t worth investing your time in. Why I can’t seem to stop watching this train wreck is beyond me.

    Soda – I am getting offline for now. Really. It has eaten up far too much of my day. Why I ever signed up for twitter is beyond me. I’ve had for like, three weeks and it’s really pretty useless.

    And yet…I’m compelled! LOL

  12. Bubblewench

    I totally love you for this.

    I watched this unfold yesterday and was very sad. Sad to the point of tears.

    Said person hates me and has said nasty shit about me without ever even knowing me. My own fault, I tried too hard to be ‘friends’ when we met. But Meh. Whatever.

    But until yesterday, I always respected her. Not anymore. Now all I see is a child who stomps their foot and screams for what they want until they get it and screw the rest of us. And when they don’t, their posse attacks.

    They’re not the ‘cool kids’, you me, Soda, BPR… WE are the cool kids if you ask me.

    Is it really that hard to be polite and respectful of your fellow HUMAN BEINGS???

    Hell yeah it’s a train wreck! And we’re all rubbernecking.

    Oh and I’ve been voting since I saw the first tweet BPR sent to her.

  13. Anonymous

    The only thing Miss Britt cares about is Miss Britt. Oh and how she can use her vagina to get money from
    her boss. Oh and that she. is. so. awesome.

    She never does anything nice for anyone else unless it’s for show. I wsh they would both go away.

  14. CP

    Bubble –

    Just goes to show you how much “I” know, as I thought you were part of that clique. Well, no, that’s not entirely true. I thought you were one of the ones who WANTED to be part of that clique. You don’t qualify for membership, however, because like BPR, you are a decent human being who will always be left out on the fringe. Very select few make it to the inner circle and from what I have seen, it’s not a great place to be. It requires secrets, lies, hypocrisy, hero worship and the willingness to toss your values aside to embrace someone else’s.

    Don’t you DARE shed a tear over that! Ever! A very PUBLIC temper tantrum was thrown by her and The Bodyguard and, until confronted, a very private apology was made…but it required pulling a few teeth and a lot of rationalization/justification on the part of the offender.

    Sorry. Not the actions of a real man. You call someone out in public and you are wrong? Apologize in public.

    There was absolutely NO NEED for that attack yesterday. Bear Boy had a hair up his ass and was looking for something to pick on Sheila for because he thought the Lady Fair was being maligned. Feh.

    It’s over. Don’t give it another thought. *hugs*

  15. CP

    Lil’ G. I’ll bore you with the details over lunch sometime next week. It’s a bucketful of pathetic.

    Anon – You know, she never used to be that way. She used to be a really humble, sweet and loving girl. And Bear Boy? He used to be this mean ogre type with a good heart. Since the “merger”, she has changed A LOT into a “Mean Girl” (see the movie) and he has gotten really…I don’t know…wussy? LOL

  16. Crystal

    I saw that tweet from her yesterday morning and wondered what the hell BPR had said to piss her off, because I’ve never read anything that BPR that could remotely piss anyone off. When I saw the link-tweet, I was amazed that someone could be such a douche about a simple request to wield some influence over her herd of sheep-minions.

    And then the later tweet-tantrum… the more I read from them lately, the less respect that I have for them. At this point, I’m there only for the trainwreck and nothing more.

  17. sudobeer

    i know who you guys are talking about. maybe i’ve grown over the past 5 days, with the floods here in rhode island, but don’t these people realise that this is the internet?

    i mean take the girl and her “bodyguard” and drop them in good ol dildo newfoundland, canada and no one will care that they are big on the internet.

    i clicked the link and voted, and its been tweeted.

    love from your favourite f-list blogger.

  18. annie

    Yep, the jump right into defense mode over her lazy eye, but not one peep (has there been?) about their affairs.
    They shush that one and hope their readers don’t find out. The ones dumb enough to send them money.

    Anyway, I feel sorry for people who have time to Twitter every 2 minutes, but I guess they have nothing else in their life and/or need to so they can try and scam more money out of people. Whatever.

  19. Shelli

    I’m just trying to keep the drama off my step. However, I feel protective of my BPR and it pissed me off what Herself did. I’ve lost all respect for her over the last several months and I have taken her off of all my social connections. I don’t have time or energy for that shit.

  20. Middy

    Ok so I finally went over to the blogs to see this totally awesome super influential (I don’t really see pop culture or any culture using her as a footnote in their movements so how influential CAN she be then?) and well you know how ADD I can be…I saw pictures, then I saw other pictures and really…I’m mildly disturbed at the eyes. I don’t know whether I should look or not. I know it’s over the internet (And we all know that the internet is serous fucking business to people who have no real lives) but I feel like I might get an attitude from the photo.

    Me: *Looks away*

    Photo: “Look me in the fucking eye!”

    Me: “I can’t.”

    Photo: “Why the fuck not you tubby bitch?”

    Me: “I don’t know which one I’m supposed to be looking at.”

    See what I mean? ADD.

    I guess in conclusion CP…For as long as I’ve know you, you and I have been the Crushers of Fragile and Misplaced Egos on the Internet since 1995.

    PS Perhaps the Motorcycle was a way to make him forget her affair?

    Just sayin’


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