The Needy vs. The Greedy

In the past few days alone, I have come across some amazing stories on the internet. Really ground roots kind of stuff. It all started when a person put a tip cup on their page asking for readers to pay for a luxury item. Anyone who has been reading me…or many other people for that matter, know where I stand on the issue.

However, something really amazing has come out of it. Something bigger.

In the past few days, I have been getting some incredible emails. People who I do not know, or are mutual blog friend with someone else that I know, emailing me to tell me about their financial burdens and troubles. Are they asking me for handouts? Absolutely not. What they are asking for is a sympathetic ear. They relate to the fact that my husband and I just lost our home to foreclosure. They understand what it is like to have to go out of town just to get a decent job. My husband flies every, single week to California to his job because Florida wages are for shit. I am running into people who have sick kids. REALLY sick kids, who require chemo treatments on a daily basis and need financial help. I have come across a blogger who started a letter writing campaign for a friend of his who was in a terrible, debilitating accident.

My eyes are really opening back up where the blog world is concerned and it took a big slap in the face to get my reality check paid in full.

What a great thing we have going here. What a deep connection we all share with one another. The ability to share your pain with a stranger can be the most liberating moment of your life. To free yourself of the burden and say “Hell, yeah. I totally relate to that”, is so freeing.

I absolutely encourage those emails to my inbox. I love reading them. I love responding to them. I love that I can reach out and share a cyber hug with someone and let them feel understood. No, I can’t afford to give away money to friends for luxury items. I simply can’t. But, what I can do is offer you my ear, my shoulder and perhaps a piece of wisdom or humor you can walk away with.

I take a little away from each and every one of you. Over the years, I have been blessed with having a great group of people around me. Supportive above and beyond the call of duty. And, while I have been housecleaning, I have also found some new friends who I am looking forward to getting to know a lot better.

There’s always room in my life for another good person. Even the questionable ones. Far be it for me to judge.

10 thoughts on “The Needy vs. The Greedy

  1. Hilly

    My divorce was, so far, the worst thing to happen to me. Because I blogged about it so freely, I met some amazing people who had been through similar things. Sometimes bad things bring us good…it’s just hard to see it while it’s happening.

  2. CP

    Fog – How have YOU been? haven’t heard from you in awhile. What’s going on in your world?

    Hilly – I think of the vast collection of catastrophe I have accumulated in my lifetime…the hardest thing for me to blog about was my drug addiction. But, I discovered that so many people had fought the same battle, people I never would have expected to have ever been addicted to drugs, who came out in support of me. That was wonderful. The best thing I ever blogged that hurt terribly was my ordeal with Tony. Five blog posts over the course of a week to tell what amounts to a fraction of the story, but it was so good. The sweetest release. I felt by telling everyone my story, I could finally be free of it.

    The influx of emails from battered women that I received after that was tremendous. The piece was featured at BlogHer (when I was involved with them, prior to my belief that they are a cult…LOL) and women just wrote me all the time. Long, extensive stories about their experiences with domestic violence. Some wrote me while in the midst of still being in that situation, asking me for advice. That was terrifying to me. But, to this day, it still remains the best piece I feel I have ever written on my blog. So much good came out of it, not only for myself, but for a few women who I still stay in touch with who have since disengaged themselves from their situation.

    You deleted your Twitter account! I couldn’t find you today. That made me sad, but I am glad you are finding your way in the real world and are so much happier for it. You can “hear” it in your posts.

  3. Turnbaby

    I agree that the ‘good’ of these connections we have made continues to outweigh the ‘bad’

    I still see things that make me shake my head and roll my eyes but they are perhaps only noteworthy because they are few and far between.

  4. CP

    I would think your husband makes you shake your head and roll your eyes on a daily basis! LOL

    But in a good “Honey, you’re such a tard” sort of way.

  5. Sarcastica

    Despite some minor bumps in the road and a little difficultly managing money, I’ve had it really easy and although I sometimes complain about money and how complicated it all is, I couldn’t and wouldn’t ask for hand outs. I would ask for people to donate to someone who REALLY needs it, someone with kids who are sick and need treatment that they can’t afford…like you mentioned.

    We’ll get there, and I’ve had offers of people wanting to help me…but I don’t need it, because we’ll get there. Because we had NO CLUE what we were doing (money wise, life wise) we made our bed and now we have to lay in it and all that jazz. I’m cool with that, although I’ll occasionaly rant about how unfair life is…I always know that I have it good.

    Great post CP

  6. Christina

    It give people comfort to know that they are not alone. they don’t want money or hand outs, they want someone to say “Yea, that sucks but, we’ll get through it.” they want to fell less isolated.

    I am happy that you have been available for people wanting to vent rather than solicit money.

    That thread of connection is the most beautiful of them all.

  7. Rae

    Hi CP I have been reading your blog for awhile but never commented. I will say I enjoy reading your blog you are one of the few people I have come across who are real with where they come from & where they stand.

    The hardest thing I ever had to deal with was the death of my mother about 2 yrs ago I found out who my real friends were & what family members were real & which ones were fake. From the pain of losing her one good thing did come of it though me & my older sister got a lot closer.

  8. pipper

    CP- Thanks for letting me be one of the ones that got to bend you ear 🙂 Just knowing that you aren’t alone when bad things happen can make all the difference in how you view/ handle things.


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