About the Drama…last words on the subject.

I am going to outline my feelings on the matter, once and for all, because I am not going to continue addressing the emails I keep getting on the subject. I feel like I should have an “auto-response” set up by now. So, here it is for everyone to read.

1. Let me clarify: I do not hate Adam or Britt. Not by a long shot. If you are writing me to get me to jump on that bandwagon, I am not on it. I care about both of them a great deal. While I am disappointed by some of the things that have gone on in the past few months, I cannot or will not bring myself to hate them.

2. I don’t care about the indiscretions. As I have said before, I have had my own share of affairs on previous husbands in the past. They were wrong, just as theirs was wrong. Having an affair behind your spouses back is an act of cowardice. I fall into that category as well. I am absolutely, positively NOT judging anybody for that at all.

3. The “birthday party” incident hurt a number of people. Some opted to get over it immediately. Some dwelled on it a bit longer and held it in to the point where they felt a little bitter about it. I fall into the latter of the two. I spoke to Adam about it and felt it best that we just let it go, water under the bridge I believe is the term we both used. And, while I did continue to snark about it even after that conversation, that was wrong of me. I am, from this point forward, letting it go. For those of you who haven’t yet, let me suggest that you do. If you feel slighted, I understand. It was hurtful, but, there comes a time when you just have to move on from that emotion. I am choosing now. There will be no further discussion on the matter from me.

4. If you want to know about Hilly, please write Hilly directly. I am not her spokesperson or her manager. She is a big girl capable of answering any questions you may have for her. I can’t speak on her behalf. I can tell you that she is just fine and has moved forward with her life. Any specifics will have to be addressed to her.

5. The ONLY thing that I do remain angry and disappointed about is the motorcycle issue. I told Britt that I found it tacky and disturbing. She knows how I feel on the subject. If you feel the same, write to her about it, as I did. I will state, for the record, that I am still hopeful that the money she raised for that motorcycle does NOT go to a motorcycle, but to a charitable organization of some sort. I don’t agree with pandering to your readers for money unless it is a financial crisis situation or you are doing so on behalf of a fundraiser. While I believe her intentions were pure (and I am basing this on a conversation I had with her directly), I still believe that it is the wrong thing for the right reasons. I have lost a modicum of respect for her for doing this…but that doesn’t make her an evil person. Just a bit misdirected. I am still holding out for the chance that she realizes that the money that was raised belongs in the hands of those who truly need help. A motorcycle for your husband does not qualify. But, in the end, that is her choice.

6. I said some very nasty things on another blog. Upon re-reading what I wrote, I realize that there are some things that I probably should not have said. They were hurtful and mean, representative more of the hurt and disappointment I was feeling and came out malicious and vile. This is not the way I want to come across. I am not usually that ugly unless provoked. I am not happy with some of the things that I wrote even if they were accurate. Of course, there is nothing I can do about that now, but here, for the record, I wanted it to be known that I am not encouraging anyone to bash Britt or Adam. There are times when you should just learn to shut up and walk away from a situation. I am still mastering that art as I have never been one to just clam up. Please do not write me any more emails with your laundry lists of what you hate/dislike about them. Write your own blogpost about it, email them directly or talk amongst your like-minded friends about it. I am not answering any more emails on the subject.

7. Definitely do NOT email me for tea and sympathy when it comes to your own hurt and disappointment with regard to Britt or Adam and then continue to have fun little blog comments and tweets sent to them. Wow. Hypocrites to the umpteenth degree. Be big boys and girls and talk to them directly. Please.

As for me, I am washing my hands of the entire matter. I am done. Most of what happened did not involve me. The things that did are the things I spoke about. Beyond that, I suggest you speak directly to the parties involved.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand…that’s all. CP is closed for business on this subject.


21 thoughts on “About the Drama…last words on the subject.

  1. Sheila

    Nicely done! My beef with the whole situation is exactly as I’ve stated: Asking for donations for a motorcyle? Not cool. I also truly wish that the money raised would go towards something more important, in my opinion.

    As for the rest of everything, I’m not involved in the lives affected by any drama that may or may not be occurring. To each their own; blah blah blah.

    I’ve had an email conversation with Britt. She knows how I feel about everything. She knows how I believe others are seeing this whole situation. And, she can do what she wants with that information.

  2. Hilly

    Thanks for the bullet point about me. I think what people fail to realize is that I have a whole life outside of this situation. Now, whenever I say something about anything else going on in my life, there is speculation.

    Knock it off and just ask me. Dude, I have an ex-husband, an ex-boyfriend, a current boyfriend, am living with my best friend and her husband, am hanging with my family, working on getting a job and have other internet friends who need and love me. My life does not revolve around this situation and neither does my blogging.

    I wish everyone would just let it die already. I was friends with them and now I am not. The feeling is mutual and yes, I’m very okay with it all. That doesn’t mean we have to go around skewering people all over the net, for fucks sake.

    On that note, I have a friend who just had surgery that I need to pay attention to…sheesh.

  3. Deb

    “There are times when you should just learn to shut up and walk away from a situation. I am still mastering that art as I have never been one to just clam up.”

    ARE WE SISTERS? I just love you. xo

    I have no clue what’s going on, but I know that you’re very passionate about important values and how people treat one another– AKA: the right thing to do.

    Props to you my friend! Well spoken! Anytime you’re up on that soapbox, I’ll be below listening with much interest!

  4. Jester

    I did write my own blog post outlining exactly what my problems with the situation are.

    People have read plenty into it and have been having lots of fun trying to place their own agendas and motives on me.

    I have no problem speaking my mind… there’s no need to try and read more into what I say.

    I’m disgusted by their behavior together, I’m disgusted by the pleas for donations, and I’m disgusted by the people who now know the truth of the situation and don’t seem to have any ethical compass of their own.

  5. CP

    Jes – I get it. You know I wasn’t speaking to you. The amount of emails I have gotten in the past two days are incredible. I am not fielding peoples questions anymore. The remaining emails that I have not answered are getting links to this post. I am done. I am tired of the speculation. Everyone who is writing are adults. What I should do is forward these emails to the parties who are being asked about and let them answer the questions on their own.

    I am REALLY tired of the “OMG, U hate them? I hate them 2” silliness. I don’t hate anyone. I don’t know how many different ways I can say that without sounding like I am talking down to people. Are you morons? Enough already.

    I think it is time to move on. I don’t know about them, but I have more pressing issues going on in my life…like the fact that I have been unpacking my new house for 4 days already and still cannot locate my underwear.

    Now THAT is scandalous!

  6. Not a Granny

    I am a lurker on all of your blogs…when I was actively blogging I would comment..but I stopped being active, so I stopped commenting..

    But I was reading..

    I was deeply disturbed over the “ask” for the motorcycle..

    but I didn’t comment.

    Until I read your comment on Jester about people being upset they need to comment instead of just sitting by.

    So I did today….and I got an email for a response to my commment.

  7. CP

    Granny- I am glad you said something if that is what you felt best doing. That little piggy on the page still distresses me immensely, so I have opted not to read/return til it’s gone. It makes me too angry. Would love to know what you were told…LOL but it’s none of my business. Anyway, good for you for not being one of the ones who sat idly by and said nothing.

    I am still, STILL holding out in the hopes that she thinks better of it and decides to donate that money. Not only did it meet the quota, it exceeded it. That money should either be returned to whoever sent it…or sent to a charitable organization who could really use it during this time of economic crisis.

  8. The Absurdist

    well, shit. I leave for a couple of years, and I have no fucking clue what’s going on.

    I have always loved you, and will continue to do so. NO idea what’s going on, but I don’t give a shit.

    Hugs and love!!!


  9. Jennifer

    I have to say that I don’t get the big deal about asking for donations for a motorcycle. It’s not like she lied about it. She didn’t say she was raising money for charity and then buy a motorcycle with it instead. It might be tacky, but so what? If people chose to donate money for her husband’s motorcycle, they knew exactly what they were donating money for.

  10. CP

    Jennifer – You are certainly entitled to your opinion. It is extremely tacky and in very poor taste. Especially when she is very well aware that there are friends of hers who are in serious financial crisis due to sick children, unemployment, lack of health care, foreclosure, etc. When you know your friends are going through these various things, to ask for money for your husbands motorcycle is, well, disgusting in my opinion. Never said she lied about it. Don’t put words into my mouth.

    The other dynamic I don’t think you are really understanding here is the fact that people are donating who really DON’T have the means to donate…but feel they have to in order to stay liked. These people have very low self esteem, certainly, but that is what makes them an easy target.

    Again, you are surely entitled to your opinion. You probably donated and that’s lovely. Good for you.

    I just feel that in times like these when an entire country has been brought to its knees (Haiti) and has absolutely NOTHING, that money would have been better spent elsewhere. And I am not blaming HER…I am blaming EVERYONE who donated.

    Adults should know better.

  11. Anonymous

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  12. Anonymous

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  13. pipper

    Hey Princess,
    I looked for you email address and couldn’t find it. I’m sure it’s there right in front of my face 🙂 I wanted to email you about, not about the britt and adam thing- but I too am a recent forclosed upon american and, well, not sure why you want to talk about that with me, but when I read you went through kinda the same thing I did too, I thought, “Wow! I’m not alone!” I keep hearing about how everyone is losing their homes, but yet to meet someone else that has/is going through what I went through and is still going through (at least anyone that has spoken out about it like you and I have- I’ve touched on the subject on my blog, but I don’t go on and on about it on my blog in case my boss was t ever come across my blog)… so, yeah, my email is pipper7600@yahoo.com and I hope you email me. This has been one of the scariest times of my life and it would be nice to talk about that to someone who understands.

  14. Jennifer

    You’re right, there’s a lot of behind the scenes things I don’t know about so maybe I should have kept my opinion to myself. I wasn’t trying to say that you were implying she lied about it, so I’m sorry if it came across that way. My point was just that she said she was asking money for the motorcycle, so people knew what they were donating for. I didn’t consider that some people might have felt pressure to donate to be liked… I just don’t associate with people who would expect something like that of me, so it never even occurred to me.

    And no, I did not donate. It’s tacky and gross and she shouldn’t have ever asked for the money. If I had some money to spare, it sure wouldn’t go that direction. It would be used to help people I know personally who truly need it… you know, to keep their lights on and put food in the fridge.

    Probably should have just let it go, but I wanted to make it clear that despite what I said earlier, I wasn’t cool with the whole asking for money for a motorcycle thing.


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