81 days sober…and a now, a new challenge!

I am listing the things that I need to stop doing now that I am sober. Let me go have a cigarette first, and then, I shall explain. Please hold for a moment.

(Insert cheesy muzak here)

Okay. Back. Now, here’s the thing…

I need to stop:
Biting my nails.
Eating like a pig.
Keeping vampire hours.

Now, to think I can stop all of these, while maintaining my sobriety, is just sheer madness. I can’t do it all. So, I decided to analyze each of these and see which one I can possibly do right now.

SMOKING: I started to smoke February of last year. It happened when some cunt broke into my car, stole my Chanel bag and all my credit cards along with it. Sadly for said cunt, my cards were maxxed out, so all she was able to buy was a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Asshole. The police found my bag in a swamp behind a movie theater. It was not salvagable, so I had to trash a $500 bag. This did not please the princess at all. Anyway, for some reason, I felt the need to smoke a cigarette. First One Ever in 41 years of my life. I’ve been saying I will stop for the past year. My son doesn’t know I smoke because I go through great lengths to make sure not to do it around him. I go into my bathroom, topless, so my shirt doesn’t smell like smoke. I dangle out the window practically. Then, I spray my hair with hairspray, brush my teeth, douse myself in perfume (cheap stuff, I don’t use my good stuff for this) and then, put my shirt back on. Ridiculous. I don’t even enjoy smoking. I just need something to do with my hands…and there are only so many handjobs my hotband can endure before he feels like his dick is going to fall off. So, quitting smoking is definately something I want to do.

BITING MY NAILS: I have been a nail biter since birth. I started getting acrylics done when I was 15 years old and have been addicted to getting them done ever since. This means that my nailbeds are positively destroyed (but damn, do my hands look gorgeous with a new set of frenches on them). So, I stopped getting the acrylics done a couple of months ago (thank you, drug addicted CP for not wanting to get out of bed to have them done), but I went right back to biting them again. So, I have resorted to using press on nails. That way, the drilling of the acrylics don’t destroy my fingernails…and I can’t get to them to bite them. It’s not the ideal way to stop biting…but, it is working for now. The problem is they look so…*ugh* fake. But, it’s better than my ragged cuticles that I tear up and leave all bloody and nasty.

EATING LIKE A PIG: This is a side effect of getting sober. I have an appetite again. And man, am I making up for lost time! I don’t eat to satiate hunger. It’s more to keep my hands busy (see “smoking”/”handjobs”). Now, I have the opposite problem of most women. Most women, even the thinnest women, think they look fat. Me? I know I’m fat…and I’ve always embraced that. And, I am also one of those women who, no matter how fat she gets, still manages to think she is the hottest girl in the room. I have body dysmorphic disorder…but in the OPPOSITE of what it should be. I’m a fat girl who thinks she’s thin. *LOL* The problem is, I am so damn pretty that I feel it makes up for the excess 20 pounds (okay, 30). Here’s a recent pic of me at my high school reunion:

That’s me in the white floral dress (Yves Saint Laurent never looked better, I might add) See the girl in the black dress in front of me? Yeah. Size 2. Fuck her. *LOL* The girl next to me? The red head? Yeah. Size 12. Fuck her too. Me? A divine size somewhere between a 16 and an 18 depending on whether I am wearing the good stuff or a cheap knockoff. *gasp…yes, the princess does do knockoffs now and then. sh. our secret.) That’s the issue. I really don’t feel like I look bad. If I looked like shit, I might be more apt to lose some weight. *shrugs* This one might be a challenge. (See the hotband behind me? How cute is he??? And, in this pic is the guy I lost my virginity to back in junior high…but I’ll never tell which one…mwahahahaha).

Here’s another pic of me…just because I am that cute that I should be shared. I am on the right of Abby, my kindergarten best friend (middle) and another friend of 28 years (like you can’t tell which one is me, right?):

Yeah. Weight loss is probably not on the table for me right now.

KEEPING VAMPIRE HOURS: For those of you that have known me since I started this blog in…Jesus, has it been four years already? Anyway, since the beginning…I keep the most unholy of hours. Right now, it is 5:30 am. I am blogging, playing Vampire Wars on Facebook, chatting with a friend, listening to music, smoking a cigarette, eating some cantaloupe and basically just doing my thing while the rest of the house is sound asleep. I do this for days straight, sometimes up to 4 days without sleep and then WHAM…crash. I sleep for about 6 hours and then I’m ready to do it all over again. Don’t suggest sleeping pills because 1) They go against my sobriety issues and 2) They don’t work on me anyway. I have tried to fuck my husband until I died of exhaustion. Sadly, he gets exhausted WAAAAAAAY before I do…and having sex with him is like eating a bag of Lays…can’t eat just one. So, while he is “recovering”, I am just winding up for round FIVE. Sex is too much of an adrenaline rush for me to knock me out. I read…but I don’t get bored. I can finish a full novel in one night. I try to watch old movies that I have seen a gazillion times thinking it will bore me, but I end up seeing things that I never noticed before and it makes it interesting for me all over again. For example, did you know that there is a Starbucks Coffee Cup in EVERY scene in Fight Club? Yep. Go watch it. (It’s truly the best movie ever made, so watch it anyway). I have been suffering (read:living) with insomnia since I am a little kid. My mom used to put me to bed at midnight, when the Tonight Show was on. She’d fall asleep…and I’d crawl out of bed and sit on her floor and watch it til they did the National Anthem at 4am. (Yes, they used to do that…WAY back in the days before internet and cable). So, these are the hours I am accustomed to keeping.

Now, out of all of these vices…the one I think I am having the easiest time with is the nail biting. However, that is also the one I am least concerned about. No pay off with that one. I know me…and I will eventually cave and get them done professionally again. Eating like a pig? Maybe…MAYBE I can tone it down. I have a $3,000 treadmill on my back porch. It’s the place I hang my throw rugs over when I wash them. A very expensive clothesline. Smoking? Yeah, I think I can see giving that one up…but the after dinner/after sex cigs are going to be really rough. And the vampire hours? That’s 42 years of undoing. I don’t know about that one.

So, I have 81 days under my belt of sobriety. Yay for me and all that shit…but, should I really pick another vice to start separating from right now?

Tell you what. Let me go do my nails, smoke a cigarette, eat a doughnut…and I’ll get back to you tomorrow at 5am with my decision.

19 thoughts on “81 days sober…and a now, a new challenge!

  1. Leave It To Cleavage

    First I’d like to say that I think you look fantastic. I would never have put you at a size 16 or 18. Never. Anyway, when I was younger I used to bite my nails and they have this nail polish that you can put on that’s really bitter if you bite them and it also makes you sick, just knowing that stuff was there prevented me from biting them.
    About the smoking, maybe your son should find out. When I was 10 years old my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told her I wanted her to quit smoking and if she didn’t do it then I guess I wasn’t getting a present that year. She quit cold turkey, that was 23 years ago.
    Sex gives me an adrenaline rush too, but masturbation makes me fall asleep. Just an idea.
    Congrats on your sobriety and good luck with your vices!! I’m sure it all work out.

  2. CP

    Cleavage – Long time, no see, babe! Nah…I can’t let my son find out. He’d be devastated. His beloved grandfather died of lung cancer…so it would be torture for him to know i was smoking. I’ll do it. I just have to get my HOTBAND to stop…and if he does, I will have an easier time (no cigs in the house!) The bitter stuff for the nails? Nope. I’ve tried it. I deal with the bitter taste and still bite! LOL

  3. Cat

    Hey, I don’t think you look fat at all. Now me? I’m fat and could stand to stop eating chocolate and chips (the only two weeknesses I have because, unlike my sister who is a Pepsi junkie, I prefer to eat my glorious calories instead of drink them). I used to watch what I ate and walk all the damn time (for fun! how sick is that?). Now? Not so much.

    Vampire Wars. I used to play that on Facebook until I realized that everyone was attacking me when I logged off and I was losing “money”. Now I Farkle. lol!

  4. CP

    Don’t even tell me what Farkle is. I don’t want to know. With my insomnia and chatsites nowhere to be found any longer…I am now in Vampire Wars, Mafia Wars, Sorority Life…etc.

    What I need to play is GET a life. LOL

  5. YoMomma

    I’m laughing at the hoops you jump through to keep your smoking a secret. I have a feeling that’s going to help out when it comes time to quit. you’re going to get an ash burn on your hooters and that’ll be the end of it! (Hopefully). I’ve got a few bad habits I need to sort through too! Losing weight being the fuckin’ monkey on my back that won’t leave. I’m gonna sucker punch that monkey in the anus I swear….

  6. CP

    Britt – I have a huge ability to focus on many things at once…but none of them get done properly!

    Momma – “sucker punch that monkey in the anus I swear….”

    Classic. I am so stealing that line! LOL

  7. Tense Teacher

    Take it easy on yourself… You look FANTASTIC, and you’re working on something really hard. If you REALLY feel as if you need to get rid of another vice, then pick one, but be kind to yourself, CP. You’re doing great, hon.

  8. CP

    I just want there to be something more than SOBER CP. Like…thin CP…LOL Nah, thin is not in the cards for me. I love my curves. But, I would definately like smoke free CP a lot better. I am getting tired of smoking out of windows with my girls flying free in the breeze. It ain’t a pretty sight!

    Thanks, TT *HUGS*

  9. Anonymous

    21 years here. Just stay sober for now. When the insanity slows down you can tackle the other things. Can you post a pic of you and the girls hanging out the window for a smoke. God that paints a great pic in the middle of my small mind…
    Greg t

  10. ladybug1580

    If you want to get your hands busy maybe you could try knitting. Yes, I know you live in Florida but you can make beautiful lace shawls and things like that. I find it very relaxing and comforting. Just a thought

  11. Angela

    hey! i was blog surfing when i came across this blog. i must say, i love your style of writing; fresh and funny and it almost reminds me of sophie kinsella.

    haha i am also a “fat girl who thinks she’s thin”

    congratulations on being sober for 81 days btw 😀

  12. Big Pissy

    Wow! Lots of information! LOL

    I think you look great! SO SO pretty! 🙂

    The lengths you go through so your son won’t know you smoke? That cracks me up big time! LOL

  13. crankygoddess

    You do look great and hell, you are sober. One thing at a time. Unless you are smoking 2 packs a day and never coming out of the bathroom-cut yourself some slack. Some gyms are open at various hours. Get an ipod with some good music and just go. Even for thirty minutes. I will try to go too : ) Try being out more, take your laptop to Starbucks and blog there. Try not to be home where you are comfortable and able to eat out of boredom. Hang in there, I love reading your blog and I (also a nurse) are rooting for you!

  14. Cat

    If you figure out how to play the “Get a Life” game, please pass on the instructions because I’m in desperate need of them!

  15. Lynda

    I’d say get rid of the smoking. But my sister died of non-smoking related lung cancer, and I’ve read a lot about the increased risk so I recommend that for anyone I think is pretty darn special.


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