CP vs. Nyquil

My husband had a nasty cold. More like the flu. He took two Nyquil and went to bed around 1am. Two hours later, I am still awake and get this mad ass desire to give him a blow job. There was a bit of a challenge to it. Could I possibly wake him from his medically induced coma for a little while or would it take effort on my behalf?

As though the sex Gods were leaning in my favor, my husband rolled onto his back, almost daring me to attempt what could end up being a futile endeavor. I managed to slither his pajama pants down his legs without disturbing him. I noticed signs of life so I proceded with my patented vacuum technique.

It was like blowing a corpse which I found to be somewhat of a turn on.

Until he snored.

Not to be deterred, I continued in this manner for a good ten minutes. No moan. No groan. No signs of life other than a fully cooperative penis. I was not having this. I was not going to lose to a bottle of Nyquil. Now it became personal.

All of a sudden, my husband jerked foward, had an orgasm and went right back to sleep. No pat on the head. No “job well done, babe”. Nothing.

Not the big climatic finish I was going for…but a victory for me nevertheless.

3 thoughts on “CP vs. Nyquil

  1. Tina...

    i’m all about a bitch makingn some noise, you know i like a little cheering section, so he would have to be awake but I freaking loved this stories….


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