I am a democrat…

through and through. Very left wing. Live and let live, I say. Keep the government out of my bedroom and out of my life. Marry who you want to marry and that person will have the same rights as any other married couple.

I will be voting for Obama come the fall. I like his choice of Joe Biden as second in command. I feel comfortable that if and when Barack should take a bullet to his forehead (God forbid…but the potential is there for all Presidents) then Joe Biden can and will continue to run this country under the same values that I embrace.

There. I said it.

Now, what troubles me is this young chick from Alaska that McCain has taken on as his running mate. Girlfriend is 44 years old! She hasn’t even hit menopause yet! And she’s in charge of Alaska. Dudes, seriously, how much shit goes down in Alaska that will qualify you to be the next Chief in Command? She has been a senator for 20months, People. 20 months. I have underwear older than that!

It isn’t a woman thing, I assure you. I was all set to get behind Hillary Clinton because I feel she could have made a difference in education and health care. I am pretty sure she would end the war in Iraq too. Plus she had the super studly Bill Clinton as a personal advisor. Who better to be President than the wife of a former President?

Of course, this theory of family relation does not apply to the Bush family. There have been three Bushes in political office, none of which should ever have been there. I hold great disdain for the Bush administration. Sadly, Jeb Bush is (was)the governor of the state that I live in…this armpit known as Florida.

But I digress.

Do we even know anything about Sarah Palin other than the fact that she looks like a sexy librarian? Hell, let Tina Fey run for Vice President if that is what makes a candidate worthy! Ms. Palin is already being plagued by rumors and scandal. This makes me believe the McCain didn’t take a long hard look at Ms. Palin before nominating her as his running mate. Sure, she balances Obama in a lot of ways. She’s young. She’s fresh. Historically, she would change the white man only ways of this United States. Got it. I understand.

But, it makes me wonder how much time, effort and thought went into choosing her as a running mate. Was McCain on the bowl fantasizing with his latest Maxim magazine? Was he hoping to see how she performs…literally? Who the fuck IS she?

I am comfortable with my choice for President. I like Barack Obama despite his youth. I feel comfy with Senator Joe Biden as second in command. He is well-liked, well respected and has been around the block a time or two.

So tell me, dear readers, what is your opinion on the Republican choice for Vee Pee?

39 thoughts on “I am a democrat…

  1. annie

    Oh, I already wrote a post on it.

    He was simply pandering to women, treating us like dumb shits who would just be dazzled and go “Squee! I’ll vote for him because a WOMAN is on the ticket!” It’s insulting.
    Not to mention those 18 million women who said since Hilary lost the nomination, they were switching to McCain. He thinks we’re ALL gullible like they are.

    Palin is political arm candy.

  2. katrice

    A desperate attempt by an unliked, desperate man to finally become President. What is this, his fifth time running? What will it take to convince this man that we don’t want him in charge?

  3. Ms. Florida Transplant

    I’ve already written a couple of post on how much I *LOVE* McCain’s choice & why she is more qualified than Obama.

    I think many American’s are jumping on Obama’s “change” campaign bandwagan without realizing he has given few specifics about HOW he is going to bring about all of this great change he speaks of. Of the few things he’s mentioned…while they sound great…he hasn’t said how he’s going to PAY for these things. We have enough people sitting around Washington talking about how they want to CHANGE things…but that’s all they do – TALK! (And spend money, of course!)

    I guess our votes will be cancelling each other out this year! 🙂

    (FYI – Jeb Bush isn’t Governor of Florida. Crist is.)

  4. CP

    Pissy – I agree.

    Annie – I think you hit the nail on the head.

    Katrice – Some people can’t take a hint.

    Florida – You’re right. I forgot about Crist. Maybe he would have been a good choice for a running mate. I kind of like him.


  5. perpstu

    Amen Sister! I was originally on the Hillary bandwagon, but have made a leap to Team Obama and feel even more confident in him now that he has chosen Biden as a running mate.

  6. kenju

    I could not agree more with what you said.

    The choice of Palin is wrong on so many levels. I will not even consider voting for a ticket that could end up with her in the Presidency, should something happen to McCain. At his age, that is a definite possibility.

  7. annie

    About CHANGE and Obama. It will be change.
    Did you hear McCain’s rant (in that Christian debate thing, with pastor Rick Warren) Oh My GOD. All McCain did was go ON and ON about how he was gonna find Osama bin Laden. That’s gonna be his ONE and ONLY agenda, just like Bush’s was to finish the war his daddy started.
    This country has more important issues besides that.

  8. Psychobabble

    I think they all suck monkey balls. Seriously, I’m thinking of getting behind dh’s grass-roots campaign to get people to write him in for President;P
    So far, it’s me, him and my mom.
    Vote Chris Phillips people! For a *real* change!

  9. Bluestreak

    Totally agree with Annie. I KNEW he was gonna pick a woman, I KNEW IT.

    Who the hell is this woman is my question too. I guess it doesn´t really matter, because she´s a fucking symbol. Ain´t that progress.

  10. mattie

    All I have to say about McCain’s pick is that he shot himself in the foot and took one for the team.

    I posted about it on my blog as well. And I NEVER post about political stuff but this really confounded my brain.

  11. Sue

    Honestly, the ONLY thing I like about Obama is the fact that he is pro gay marriage — other than that, he has yet to win me over…….I do however like Joe Biden but Obama stands for nothing (other than change and they ALL stand for change one way or another) except higher taxes – he readily admitted that most people will have to pay more (upwards of 58% of their gross) to fund all the “programs” that he wants to implement (which we don’t know anything about yet either)….I know that I am an oxymoron — a gay person actually liking the republican ticket that might limit my marriage rights but until a great libertarian (the true government stays out of our lives) candidate comes along……..and as for Sarah Palin — I actually like her and the more I read about her the more she comes across as a ball buster and I like that about her.

  12. D-HOR

    I’d just like to say HHHHOOOOORRAYYYY another radical left winger!! 😛 Ok, maybe not radical but when things first started out I was on the banwagon for Kucinrich! LET PEOPLE JUST LIVE !! Leave ’em be. So anyways, I’m on the same boat as you.

    And really REALLY?? Is anybody going to come out and say that McCain only picked her because she has a vagina? I mean really? This is a race between a “black” man and a woman, I don’t care what anybody says. And I would have LOVED to have a woman in office but NOOOO we had to take barak instead and now I have to vote against this chick.

    Ugh! And now it comes out that her 17 yr old daughter is preagnant? I couldn’t give a flying flip about that – IT HAPPENS – but what pisses me off is that they’re making a BIG deal about the fact that the girl WILL be marrying the father. Oh yeah, nice, 17 and getting hitched? She’ll be divorced before the next election. Not cool.

  13. MaryO

    I am a middle running kind of gal. Have no clue who I am going to vote for until I actually hear what they got to say. That means I am waiting for the debates.
    I think McCain was smart as hell picking Palin. She is trying to get the “Hillary” vote. Dont blame them for that.
    My hubbie did some research on her and let me tell ya I like her for the past things she did. Fire folks if they dont do the job. Reason she is under invesgation is cause she fired the state trooper her sister was married to that was HITTING her. OK like we can really blame her for that.
    Just cause I like the VP choice does not mean I will vote for them. I liked Edwards and thought still think, he a cutie. Be nice to watch the president think and enjoy it.

  14. Ladybug1580

    I think Palin is very, very scary. Her stances on many of the issues we are faced with today are far, far right. She is a staunch anti-abortionist, that for one is a very scary proposition. Yes, she’s a ball buster, that’s great, but do we really think they would actually let her do that as VP? Come on! She’s a symbol they’re hoping will win over the Hillary voters, that’s all. She’s governor of a state with a population of 10,500. The CITY I live in has a population of 599,351. That alone would make the mayor of the city better qualified than Palin to be VP. Scary thought…

  15. ~Deb

    Sweetie? I hate talking politics with people I love, however, I’m all for McCain.

    1. Scandals, rumors, too much “shit” is placed upon Obama + my religious views about the situation makes me very uneasy about voting for him. I was all for Hillary but she didn’t make it.

    2. I’m glad Hillary didn’t make it only because she has said so many negative things about Obama and now says so many positive things about him just so we can vote democratic.

    3. McCain and Palin together feels right. I don’t give a rat’s ass about whether or not my marriage is legal (although it is in MA and recognized in NY), however that can change in a heartbeat regardless of red or blue. I love the fact of independent oil, people with more experience in office, the background of military and their consistent faith in what they believe in, whereas Obama is a bit flaky in that area. (In my opinion—which is most important ‘to me’.)

    For me, it also means biblically there will be a deceiver that will woo everyone as a leader. He will speak with eloquent words and persuade many people.

    People were CHANTING at the Democratic Convention. They were “heiling” Obama for the love of God.

    It’s just too much for me to handle.

    *steps off soapbox*

    I hope I didn’t offend you or anyone else. I’m a lesbian who wants her rights, however I’m a lesbian who prefers to see the bigger picture instead of just fighting for gays and lesbians to marry.

    I’m also pro-life, BUT, God did give us “choice”, so with that, I’m on the fence. (More pro-life but I don’t think it’s up to any of us.)

    And, I can’t believe I found another lesbian who has the same views as I do. ODD. 😉

    You must hate me right now.

    I LOVE YOU CHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. ~Deb


    Also, when Madelene and I found out that when we legally wed in October, that there will be marital penalties? Anyway, even if they take away the marriage license and say it’s not legal any longer, there is still power of attorney and beneficiary rights for us to be “safe” in that aspect.

    So with that in mind, I’m all for the red! 🙂

    I think you and I should have a “blog post healthy political discussion” on this…that would be interesting.

    Debate? 😉

    Then we’ll go out for martinis afterwards!

  17. Sue

    “For me, it also means biblically there will be a deceiver that will woo everyone as a leader. He will speak with eloquent words and persuade many people.”
    Deb, Exactly!! I have been telling people this from the beginning.

  18. nudeman40

    I have to vote by way of the vp spot. Obama or McCain could be dead in the first year. So I would much rather have Biden than the gun toating floozie. Besides the republican party has had the last 8 years in power and I am much worse off than before the little monkey Bush got in office. So ANY change will be better than this administration. Oh yeh Will someone please restore the Constitution…..

  19. Middy

    Well when it comes to politics, I try to keep my religious views out of it (What little religious views I do have. After all the last time a Greek Orthodox person ran for president was Dukakis. lol) Plus I firmly believe that religion really has no place in politics. Separation of Church and State and all.

    I really wasn’t much of a Hillary fan, I don’t know that woman scared the bejesus out of me. Every time I saw her on TV I could swear she was wearing a dominatrix outfit under her clothes. And with my over active mind, I was visualizing it. -twitch-

    McCain if I remember correctly had once mentioned he could see the US in Iraq for another 100 years. He supports troop increase and favors maintaining troop levels.

    Obama wants to withdraw the troops, but said he wants to do that responsibly.

    I really haven’t seen anything concrete from either one of them about the oil situation which in a way is directly related to the Iraq issue. But I am in favor of getting the troops out of Iraq, we shouldn’t been over there in the first place. If it was truly a war on terrorism, we would of been in Afghanistan, you know…where Osama was supposed to be hiding in.

    I have found a decent site that compares the two candidates and side by side gives their views on certain topics.


  20. Turnbaby

    She’s so wrong for so many reasons. I have never voted for anyone simply because they have a penis or a vagina.

    I remain ‘meh’ about Obama but now I have to vote for him. Had McCain picked Lieberman I would have voted for him. Now there is no way in hell.

    If he’ll pander to extremists on this he’ll pander on something else.

    She’s frighteningly unqualified.

  21. J R Estelle

    Palin is one sexy bitch! But I think McCain made a mistake in trying to garner women voters who otherwise would’ve voted for Hilary, by choosing Palin. On top of the whole unmarried, 17 year old, pregnant daughter. Yes it’s a private issue but when you’re tapped for the VP position, your WHOLE LIFE becomes a glass fishbowl.

    McCain’s choice was brilliant and a disaster at the same time.

  22. CP

    You all have such intersting points of view. Deb, you really threw me with yours…I have to admit, though I know you are immersed deeply in your Christian values. And like others,I won’t vote for anyone based on their gender. I just think Palin is very underqualified for the job, should something happen to McCain. It actually frightens me.

  23. Sue

    You know…most of the people I have talked to regarding the whole 17 year old pregnancy thing have said the same thing — it shows that the family is human and regardless of their moral views…….things happen and they are showing their support for their daughter — a good thing

  24. Anonymous

    Please remember that she was not picked by McCain but by the party.

    It’s a very bad attempt to sway the female voters who are still smarting from the Dems not putting Hillary up.

    This woman really is not qualified to be the VP no matter how you look at it but to the repubs she fills some voids.

    Christian right likes her antiabortion stance and her no sex before marriage stance. Even her daughter is playing a part in this as while she is pregnant at 17..she is keeping the baby and marrying the father. Let’s be realists here…how many marriages of 17 & 18 year old make it? How many make it when they have an infant? Take a look at the website for her church…pentacostal and very right wing.

    NRA is going to love her as she is not just a card carrying member but an actual hunter who has been hunting all of her life.

    Vet groups are going to like her..after all she is a good american mom who has raised her elder son right as he went into the army and is shipping out next month to the middle east.

    Oil people will love her…she is another person who feels that drilling more holes is the solution and not encouraging alternative energy and new fuel sources.

    This election is as much about the VP nominees as it is about the Presidential noninees. There is going to be a real threat to Obama that someone is going to attempt to assasinate him with all the wackos we have in this country who depise him based on his skin color. Biden could step into the presidental shoes is Obama was assasinated. McCain on the other hand, may not survive the pressures of being president at the age of 72. Palin is not qualified to be president in the case of McCain dying.

    McCain / Palin might as well just be 4 more year of Bush…I don’t think this country can survive 4 more years of the current policies or administrations close minded, uncaring and out of touch decisions.

    Sorry you ask??

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  26. CP

    I have nothing but respect for the woman as far as her teenage daughter being pregnant. Hell, I was a single mom at 19 years old. That part of her life doesn’t bother me. It’s her misuse of her power to get her sisters ex husband fired from his position. I don’t want someone in office who is going to abuse their power to get what they want, ya know?

  27. ~Deb

    If religion and politics are separate, then of course it’s a much easier choice for some. For me, it goes against my grain. I put God before my relationship and my life and sometimes that means even risking “my rights” here on earth. I know you totally understand. That’s why I feel comfortable talking to you about this. I was a hardcore repubbie before Bush…and then during his last terms, it left a very bad taste in my mouth, among 99% of the rest of the United States.

    It’s all about the little birdie. (heh) 😉

  28. CP

    Deb – Sadly, there is no separation between church and state for a lot of people…which is why I am convinced that Obama is going to fail. Too many people won’t see beyond the muslim name and what that name may indicate to us as Americans…and that’s really pathetic.

  29. ~Deb

    Well, for me it’s not necessarily the name behind it—it’s more of the consistency I see with McCain and Palin. It’s understandable that many people feel that state and religion should be separated. I guess when you’re faith in the same religion coincides with a particular candidate, it’s really hard to pick otherwise. So, I see the dilemma with both parties, Democrat & Republican. I think Obama has some great ideas and beautiful promises, but my heart is with the other party.

    But most of all, my heart belongs to YOUUUU baby! 😀 😀 😀 😀


  30. Mr. C

    As regards you support of the Obama/Biden ticket, I’m right there with you!

    Instead of re-writing how I feel about Palin, I’m just gonna offer the link to my blog where I wrote exactly how I feel. I am providing a link to my blog article & I hope you have the chance to read it.

    One last thing, I know you won’t be surprised to hear me say this, but John McCain is NOT who I’m voting for this year.

    Luckily (or unluckily) for me, I don’t have the luxury of still being undecided about how I will in November. Truth is: McCain has no respect for people like me & has no interest in seeing that we are treated equally under the law. He does not respect me, so I cannot respect him and I will not vote for someone who is so overly-enamored of the Status Quo. As Barack has said, we can’t afford 4 more years of the last 8 years, which is what McCain represents. For me, it really is that simple!

    Anyway, here’s the link to my Sarah Palin blog entry. I hope you find it interesting!

  31. Yo Momma

    I agree with everything you just said. McCain did not do his research when choosing this woman. What is really unsettling is the fact that she has an infant with downs. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that baby going to need a whole lot of care and attention. How is she suppose to do that while campaigning with McCain and ‘god forbid’ if they win the election. Her priorities are fucked up. I don’t care if I was offered the position of queen of the world (which is clearly your position but I’m just using it as an example) if my child had downs syndrome I would happily turn that down because I have more important stuff to do.

  32. C

    i am gay and there’s no way i would even vote unless ellen and oprah were running mates to lead this country in the right direction. why wont some one nominate them?
    ok, ok, I nominate them.
    for the liberal party. we would have laughs and love and unbiased decison making and an animal loving leader. they together would be able to calm even the nastiest of beasts such as chevas etc…. can we not give those girls a try? pretty please with sugar on top? no baked alaska’s for me. nuh un.

  33. John B

    Not to be argumentative, but who is heaping scandal around Palin….
    Democrats, that’s who! I’m just glad Jonny McC couldn’t find a black Republican to be his veep, or I’d hear my former party scream the N-WORD all in one voice.


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