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I don’t usually do product endorsements. Well, unless I was getting paid for them from places like “Pay Per Post”, may they rest in peace. But this week at the beach, my husband and I discovered something that MUST be shared with all couples. I don’t care if you are gay, straight or into horses…you must try this product.

I’m sure by now you have seen the commercials for KY Yours and Mine brand lubricant. Guy says one bottle does wonders for him. Chick says her bottle does amazing stuff to her. When they combine…you hear something combust, or some fat chick start singing opera. Generally, I don’t give in to television ads. They are usually not the predictors of what I intend to purchase. However, the purple and blue bottles got to me and I simply had to know what was in these bad boys that would make sex so explosive.

Let. Me. Tell. You. Something.

This product must be purchased. The stuff in the blue bottle, for the men? It’s hot. Literally hot. Gets hotter when you breathe on it. (Oh, sure. Like you don’t know how I figured THAT one out.) Now true, it tastes sorta like cough syrup, but for the reaction it gave my hubby, it was worth it. He kinda felt like all the blood rushed to his dick and made it throbbier than usual. Yes, throbbier. I can say that. It’s a CP-ism. Now the purple bottle stuff? The stuff for the woman? Wow. If you ever wondered what it would be like to play with yourself using ICY HOT or Ben Gay, then this is the stuff. It gets REAL frosty cold. I mean, icy! Hotband says it tastes like Spearmint, so that’s a plus for the guys.

So, after all the poking, prodding, diddling and such and of course, after the taste test, we opted to see what these products would be like when combined. After all, this is what they are meant for…the big comb-O. I slathered his blue stuff on him and we doused me in my purple stuff and went for it.

Holy. Good. God.

It was like sitting on an ice cube in front of a fireplace. Things were getting hot that should never be hot and other stuff was getting cold without causing shrinkage and there was just temperature issues all over the place! It caused us to make all sorts of unnatural sounds and howl like wilderbeasts in heat.

The downside? The bottles are small, so they go pretty quick. Hotband and I used half a bottle each in one session (mind you, our “sessions” are rather long and extensive. I wouldn’t recommend this stuff for newbies or quickies.) It has a sticker value of near twenty bucks, but it is soooooooooo worth it. Trust a bitch.

I imagine that the stuff would be good for self-indulgent moments as well…though my husband did mention that the cold stuff made him feel like his dick was frostbitten. Just threw some hot stuff on there and it neutralized him immediately. Just some hot stuff…and a little TLC courtesy of CP. *snicker*

So, if you are looking to shake up the party a little and have some good wholesome fun with lubricants, I would highly suggest KY Yours and Mine as a must have for the nightstand, next to the toys.

24 thoughts on “Product Endorsement…

  1. CP

    Renee – I suppose you could use it for a quickie…but the feeling lasts sooooooo long it would be ridiculous to finish up with it so quickly! Then again, my husbands “quickies” are literally 30 seconds long. (Sorry babe, but I take it as a compliment if that helps!) Some people consider 15 minutes a quickie, so I suppose it depends on your miles per gallon.


  2. Mattie

    I am SO going to CVS and see if they carry this stuff.

    Did you try using his alone without yours and how did that feel?

    (Not trying to be personal but I “know” you well enough to know that you will definitely give me an honest, outright answer.)

  3. CP

    I did try his alone and frankly, I wasn’t impressed. There are all sorts of warming lubes on the market for women. No big deal. This product actually gets COLD for women and heats for men. It’s like toying with an ice cube and it really makes it feel amazing! Very different.

  4. lapa37

    I saw this advertised on the TV and thought wow I am going to have to try it.Now that you say it is as good as it sounded I am definately going to get it. I hope it gives us as much pleasure as it did you.

  5. Debbie

    I heard about this stuff. I wish it was around when I was…um ahem…a working girl. It would have made my job a little easier and a whole lot more fun.

  6. Yo Momma

    i always wondered how it worked when I saw the commercial! Now I know! Thanks CP! It sounds intense as far as the different temp changes…does it prolong sex or make it quicker? I mean, (TMI coming in 5,4,3,2,1…) viking hubby is kind of a marathon dude and I seriously don’t have enough gas if its going to tack on another 10 minutes! haha!)

  7. annie

    I see that advertisement on TV for “K-Y warming gel” and I think to myself, “I seriously do NOT want things burning and tingling down there.”

  8. jOoLz

    have you read the ingredients list for this stuff?

    the stuff for one’s girlie parts has honey in it. one should not be putting honey (or anything else sugary, like the maltodextrin it also contains) into one’s bidness.

  9. ~Deb

    CP-ism!!!!!!!!!!! haha!!!!

    One comment: Halls. Never again. I thought my entire female anatomy would fall right on the floor.

    It was that bad.

    Not into that ‘icy-hot-make you feel all weird temps’ type of aides.

    I ran out into the hall screaming!

    (And this is when I lived with my parents.)

    Deb?…..Deb…?…Deb?…Deb? Deb?…Debdebdebdebdebdebdebdebdebdebdeb?????????????????

    I had to explain that I “hurt myself”.

    Tawk’ about a spiritual experience! Wooooooooooooo!

  10. Anonymous

    Currently on sale at Walgreens PLUS they are offering a $5 off coupon. Completely worth it for $12.99 + tax.

  11. Poppy

    Granted, I’ve only experimented on my own with Icy Hot, but I’m not a fan of the sensation. It just doesn’t do anything for me other thank make me think, “hmm, that’s really cold.”

    But I’ll gladly use the other stuff for His Pleasure. 😉

    And… honey in the ingredient list? Are they trying to give me Botchulism?!

  12. AgelessAnnie

    I was also intrigued by the commercials for this stuff, although KY-Jelly (?) has been around as long as I can remember, like…forever? I will sleep soundly tonight now that I finally know what it’s best used for. teehee
    After I broke free from my bondage to that piece of paper called a marriage license in 1979 I met a male person like I hadn’t *had* for the 26 years I stuck it out in the marriage thingie. Lightning flashed. Angels’ bells chimed. Sex with the new guy was, like, oh heck, you-all know what I’m talking, right?
    We didn’t know from KY- so I guess we improvised. We tried that candy that was popular with children then, what was its name? Arrrrghhh. It was supposed to snap, crackle and pop when it mixed with someone’s saliva. Oh putz…what was its name? Dammit!
    Whatever. What a senile old genius I am, eh? I’ll bookmark this page and check back, see if anyone can come up with the name of that candy that *pops* in your mouth and if your mouth is in the right place, it gives a small kick.

    From what I’m reading here, it wuzn’t no KY-Jelly though…for sure!! LOL

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